Manual flight is not controlled by mobile phone

When taking off manually, the phone turned over 90 degrees and did not pull up the nose. Facing a mountain, the automatic driving was turned off to make a turn. The phone turned left and right and failed to turn successfully.

Did you calibrate prior to departure? That’s one thing that should always be done.


Yes I calibrated

Funny you mentioned that… same thing happened to me yesterday. Have never experienced anything like it while playing Infinite flight. Luckily I was able to Calibrate it again before falling to my demise. Took me awhile though.

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I still prefer gravity sensing, but I feel uncomfortable without it all of a sudden.

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What is your control sensitivity/settings? Default low can be super slow to respond. I’m not too familiar with the accelerometer and stuff but will play around with it on solo some time

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My settings are highly sensitive, and I tried them all in the settings. I can’t turn in the sky when driving manually.

I recommend having a full restart of your phone. I have seen people comment on this type of issue before and once they do a full reboot of their device it has fixed it as it sounds like it is something to do with the gryoscope of the phone.

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