Manual doors opening system

Hello ladies and gentlemen, hope your day, evening and night are going well but. I would like to ask for the manual doors system to be re added reason? Well we have some aircraft like say the a320, the doors do not open when using ground services. But with this feature being here again we can open the doors on aircraft that don’t. So that is why i would like to see this as a maby being added in the future. Have a good day matty.av

The aircraft that don’t have functional doors will require a full model rework in order to have functioning doors - which will take a while to do.

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Yes but that is why we had the manual function so we could do them things on aircrafts that cant

Yeah, there wasn’t much of a reason to remove them,

I’m not sure what you’re referring to here. I don’t remember unreworked aircraft ever having doors that open. If I recall correctly, the first aircraft to have working doors was the CRJ aircraft.

Exactly why we should have this function back

It was a manual procedure not automatic pax and other cargo things ect

Oh! You’re talking about like when the 757 first came out. The reason why the manual options were removed is because it was unrealistic. Someone would have to do a bit of searching, but I believe the development team commented on this when the feature was removed.

Hmm idk why it was unrealistic tho when all of these doors are opened by humans like we gotta pull the doors open and hit a button to open cargo doors

It seems I was incorrect as to the reasoning behind the feature being removed. @Tyler_Shelton commented on it when the feature was removed during the 22.4 update.

If you want to, there is a features request concerning this, for you to vote on! I think it would be appropriate for you to continue the conversation there, rather than in this thread.

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Ah ok cool🤙🏻