Manual breaking option for large aircraft?

So I know this is probably a stupid suggestion…but wouldn’t it be nice to apply manual breaking after you slowed down your aircraft using spoilers and airbrakes and are about to make a turn to the taxiway? I think it would be more useful than just relying on the parking break. I know some larger aircraft variants on a few levels of manual breaking to slow down, which is why I had to mention it. I think it would be a great feature addition to the simulator!

You can use your rudder

Of that dosent work you can use parking brake on the ground

Autobrake or vote on this

That’s the thing though. That’s really not realistic haha.

I just thought it would’ve been nice if I mentioned this.

Ayo no cursing

Wasn’t directed to ya, have a good evening:)

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I know it’s a Form rule

I think parking brake is for parking, for braking, we must use the brake slider of the rudder button.

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I know, but don’t some pilots use the manual breaking as well?

It slows down the larger planes faster with the spoilers and airbrakes active.

I don’t know what manual breaking you are refering to. In RL?

Yeah. Exactly.

@CyrusThePlane101 If the topic linked above is what you are requesting, please vote there. Feel free to bump the thread by adding a reply, but don’t go overboard.

In the meantime, you can pull down the rudder slider to slowly bring the aircraft to a stop. The more you pull down, the faster the aircraft will slow down.

Thank you for understanding. Enjoy you day/night!

But that’s a very old thread. I mean, if you say so then I guess:)

It is, however it has nearly 30 votes and this would be a considered a duplicate. If the old thread is closed due to it being old, your request may remain open, however that is up to the mods.

Thank you for your understanding!

Oh okay…

Please use this topic. It’s old but still very active 😊