Manual Altitude Input

Device: Iphone 12
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Hello! How is everyone doing? I have a question. I usually create my flight plans with FPLTOIF and i was wondering if it was unnecessary to put the same cruising altitude for every waypoint in between the TOC and the TOD? I do it for short haul flights but medium and long haul may be frustrating. Thank you! :)

EX: 38000ft is the cruising altitude for KLAX-KPDX

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Portland eh 😏 I don’t add manual altitudes at waypoints, I go off what the STARS and SIDS are

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Let along I don’t use flight plan tools

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I believe it’s not necessary to set an altitude for every waypoint since you can just set the altitude you want with autopilot. When descending, altitudes at waypoints are useful, but until Infinite Flight has a better autopilot climb feature, the altitudes are only useful for descending


The answer is no. I would look at the Sid’s and stars and then at flightradar24. For descent and it might be a good idea.

It’s not required, ALT mode will hold your cruise altitude. It can’t do step climbs though.

If you still want to have all those altitudes, use this tool to convert and download your simbrief flight plan. Select “include altitude” to have all altitudes included in the file.


Thank you for giving me this tool!

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Do you mean with “Departure, Arrival, and Approach” things in the ingame flight plan maker or?


when i do that, it gives me like a completely unrealistic cruising altitude like 21000 feet or something. also i don’t think newark to miami has a sid 💀

The altitudes in the SIDs and STARs are not your cruising altitude, they’re just the altitudes in the particular procedure. Beyond that it’s really up to you to choose your cruising altitude.

The altitudes in the SID/STAR would be telling you to be at, above or below a certain altitude by that waypoint in your flight plan.

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That makes sense. Thank you so much! What’s a relative cruising altitude?

Cruising Altitudes are in the 30000s (mostly)

Using a flight planner like Simbrief will give you an appropriate cruise altitude for your aircraft, weight, direction of flight etc…

You can also rely on FR24 no? Although there are factors that effect it like Weight …?

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@Hallel_Shapiro Welcome to the community!

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