Manta Air ATR 72-600

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Why we need it:
We need it so that we can broaden the diversity of the liveries which represent and come from different countries. There is currently zero liveries for airlines registered in Maldives which is a sad thing. However, we can change it by voting for this feature so that it can be represented in Infinite Flight.

About Manta Air:
Manta Air is a Maldivian domestic airline based in the Maldives. They commenced it’s operations on 24th February 2019. Manta Air operates an all ATR fleet.

Callsign: Sea Wing
Hub: Dhaalu Airport

If you’d like to see this magnificent livery in the simulator please remember to vote and encourage others with the same interest to consider voting. Also please vote for the ATR 72 family feature so it can also come to the simulator. Without it this livery cannot come ;)

Link for ATR 72 family feature request:

You’ll need to pick which side you like more, as only 1 picture per request is allowed, but other than that great request. (personally love the second one more)


Thanks for the reminder! It is fixed now.

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Could we get a better picture? I mean it’s a good pic, but I can’t see the livery all that well…


Thanks for the feedback. It is updated now. :)