Manny27's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ GCLP

Hello all,
I’ve just passed my IFATC Written Test and would like to get some practice in during my practical training. Anyone is welcome to join.

Server: Training
**Airport: GCLP **
Frequencies: Tower and Ground
Runways in use: 03L and 03R

Areas of focus will be pattern work and sequencing.

Feedback will be greatly appreciated but please be brutally honest with it!

I’m currently flying to gclp so you can do your tests with me

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I’m on the expert server btw

Ah, I don’t have access to the expert server yet so I can only control on training. Suppose I forgot to mention it in the post but I’ll add it now.

Oh ok I’ll switch servers

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Hi Ben, I’m gonna have to close in 2 mins. Sorry I couldn’t stay open for your arrival.

It’s ok you can train with me whenever you want

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thank you!

Are you still open? Currently needing to do pattern work to grind back to grade 3.

I’ll open up for 30 minutes for you

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Im doing pattern work…dont I stay on tower?

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You already cleared me to land then approved his runway change…its all good though

yeah silly mistake on my part, apologies for that

ill come do some pattern work

Hi im just about to close sorry :/


Delta 911

Excellent service thank you so much for opening! Please be sure that in your title you reflect that you are closed so others aren’t confused that is the only bit of advice I can give here again excellent job!

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Thank you, happy to help

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Open now if anyone wants to join in!

Im inbound from Madeira as Binter 1 in CRJ-1000

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I think you should train at Madeira instead as it has a more interesting and challenging approach