Manila to London Heathrow, 13FEB21 / 0600Z

  • Aircraft and Livery: Philippine Airlines B777-300ER, Philippine Airlines A350-900

  • Route: Manila [RPLL] - London Heathrow [EGLL]

  • Time of Departure: * 2021-02-13T06:00:00Z2021-02-13T19:30:00Z

  • Server: Expert Server

  • Additional Information:

  • Flight time is around 14-15HRS

  • Spawn in 10 minutes prior to departure time

  • Any Gate at Terminal 2/ Terminal 1 for extra flights

  • Departure will most likely be 24

  • Arrival either 27L or 09R depending on IFATC

  • Copy FPL from @Marquatzi

  • Pushback 2 Minutes prior to departure

  • Initial cruise is FL310, then FL330, final cruise is FL350

  • 180 kts until 5,000, 220 kts until FL100, 290 kts until FL280 then Cruise.

  • Cruise speed will be Mach 0.85

  • ATC may be available at London Heathrow

Pilots Attending

Terminal 2 Gate 2 @Marquatzi
Terminal 2 Gate 3
Terminal 2 Gate 4
Terminal 2 Gate 5
Terminal 2 Gate 6
Terminal 2 Gate 7
Terminal 2 Gate 8

  • I will add more gates as more people join


Looks like an amazing flight! I always love flying in and out of Manila (@Andy_R would approve)

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