Manila to Cebu City

Hello guys, it’s Easy Av and today, we will be flying in the Philippines with one of the world’s best low-cost airlines, Cebu Pacific. I sadly won’t be flying with the main airline of Philippine Airlines. So, here we go!
We are here are Manila’s Terminal 3 for today’s flight and ready for security and check in.

I was bored so I went to Pasalubong Philippine and got some shrimp chips. Here we are and this will be our ride to Cebu today! RP-C3193: A 17.7 year old A319-100 that was originally delivered to Allegiant Airlines.

And our seat for today is 22A! Legroom is decent as well with the comfort.

Fast forward to here and now we are ready for takeoff! Bye Bye Manila!

Man these views are amazing! We won’t be able to review the food service and the IFE due to the short flight.

Like I said, the flight is short and therefore, we are already starting our descent!

We are now aligned with the runway! Can’t wait to see what Cebu Airport is like!

And after a short hour and a decent landing, Welcome to Cebu!

After we parked at the gate, I decided to go to Islands Souvenirs so I can get a dripped-out shirt that said “Cebu” on it.

We are outside of Terminal 1 at here to catch my ride. Thanks for tuning in to this Island-Hopping adventure and I will see you in the next one! Fly High Aviators!

This Skit was inspired by Simply Aviation, a YouTuber with videos in the criteria of this skit


Very good story good job


Thank you 🙂

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you got a pic of the shirt

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Yeah (10 char)

Here it is

wooo that’s beautiful. Price is a little steep tho

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Yeah lol 🤣🤣

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I’m probably make a skit too inspired by you


Nice narrative, dont forget to buy dried mangoes when you fly out! :)

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Ok, I won’t forget to! 😁

I don’t think that the price is in US dollar rather except peso 🤷

Yeah I knew it wasn’t in USD, just assumed it was expensive because it’s at an airport gift shop😂

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Oh, yeah that makes sense 🤣🤣

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