Mango and SAA have lost SAA Technical due to non payment

A lot of you may or may not know flag carrier of South Africa South African Airways has been suffering for years since 2011 the last year they made a profit.

I won’t go into the whole situation about that as for me it is truly sad. South African Airways has many subsidiaries such as Air Chefs, Mango, SAA Technical and a lot more. But what SAA and Mango rely on for its aircraft servicing is SAA technical it’s own maintenance branch. What has happened is SAA has not paid SAA Technical due to not having any money to do so, thus resulting in them removing their services to SAA and Mango which has crippled low-cost carrier Mango they can no longer fly due to there aircraft not being maintained. They have now found a way to fly with their small fleet of leased aircraft, but that won’t last for long with SAA now not having any money they may not be able to pay SAA Technical. Crippling Mango and SAA more in the long term which could result in Mango ceasing operations due to not being able to fly, and thus not generating revenue. I feel for the people at Mango as a frequent flyer of them they are one of the best in service there crew is always friendly and so are their pilots. I hope they can pull out of this mess that SAA caused them and come out stronger.

Again this shows how SAA is in a horrible position which it also impacts Mango and could severely affect the economy with the loss of jobs if they were to cease operations.

I thank you for reading this topic and hope you enjoyed good luck Mango good luck SAA


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