Maneuvers in nearby airports

Hey there! I have a question which could be responded for IFATC members or someone with knowledge.

How can I do maneuvers in an airport with ATC permission? is it at least achievable? As a demonstration, let’s say I want to do a Blue angels’ airshow.

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In the expert and training server there’s no way to avoid system violations for aerobatics near airports. However, you are allowed to do aerobatics in the ES and TS if you are far enough away from airports (E.G over a large body of water).

The casual server is the way to go if you want to do aerobatics at or near airports.


Good to know, other question. What’s interpreted as “maneuvers” exactly?

I mean, I can’t fly inverted, but, is there any other stuff interpreted as “maneuver”?

Usually very steep turns, pulling high Gs etc all count as aerobatic moves. I have no clue what the “limits” of it are but try to stay away from airports and you can do whatever you woukd like.

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Thanks a lot! This information is very useful for me.

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I would just recommend doing it on Casual Server, if it was me.

Yep, it looks like the most recommended option at the moment though would be cool to do maneuvers in ES with ATC permission, something like a NOTAM or ATIS information which allow those options.

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Hello! Feel free to have a good time with a fighter on the Expert Server. There is no harm in it. However, I’d like to leave you with the Fighter Jet Rules | Expert Server.

If you need to check out airports at close range and do some acrobatic flying then I would recommend what the others have said.


Thank you! That link will be so useful for me, have a good day.

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No problem. It’s very useful to have and know.

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I checked out and all restrictions are based on speed, 350IAS below 10,000’s, 250 above a congested airport and don’t exceed Mach 1.00 in busy routes.

That’s correct. But if you are making fast maneuvers and such around an airport, you can still receive system generated violations. The link that I have shared gives you the fighter jet rules and etiquette for the ES. And ATC can report if you are not following those rules.

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Gotcha, anyway it was useful for me. As I see it the trick is don’t exceed the established speeds and try to don’t do aggressive turns in ES.

Yep, while flying in or with traffic, just keep your plane how you’d be flying an airliner. Maintain separation and always follow all ATC instructions and you’ll be just fine.

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All good with that!

Though, may you help me with something else? I applied some hours ago to the IFATC and I’m just curious about how long it takes to get an answer.

Steep climbing exceeding 260 below ten thousand barrels rolls

Give it 1-3 days for verification and to be picked up from a Recruiter.

What do you mean exactly with “verification”? Are you talking about my stats?