Maneuvering speed is stall speed by 1.3 or 1.23?

While trying to make my IF experience as realistic as possible, I’ve found that there’re two methods of calculating the maneuvering speed (leveled):

  1. Stall speed × 1.23
  2. Stall speed × 1.3

Which one is correct? Can any real world pilot point me in the correct direction?

It is 1.3x

What aircraft is this for? It should be in the Pilot Operating Handbook (POH).
It’s related to stall speed, and also aircraft weight so it won’t as such be an exact fixed number.

I need to know if the maneuvering speed is calculated by multiplying the stall speed by 1.3 or 1.23, I know the maneuvering speed is not an exact number.

It’s 1.3

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