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Hello, I was curious on what the Expert server permits in terms of maneuvers in light GA aircraft. I ask because I am unfamiliar with how IFATC handles these aircraft, whether they permit maneuvering, and I don’t want to be ghosted for doing a spin in an SR-22 at 4000ft, that would suck majorly. So, are certain maneuvers permitted by GA aircraft on the Expert server at IFATC controlled airports, actions such as stall practice, spin recovery, slow flight, steep turns, and the sort allowed, or will it get you an unfortunate ghosting? I do refer to light aircraft to be clear, I’m not talking about doing barrel rolls in an F22, I mean light aircraft such as the C172 or the XCub.

Examples of the maneuvers I’m asking about:



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You can get aerobatic violations if you do any weird manoeuvres over airports regardless the aircraft.

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Honestly, it all depends on the airport. Say, if it is WSSS maybe GA aircraft will not be allowed. However, GA airports, such as the ones featured on the FNF last week will be happy to let you fly GA. Just maybe don’t do aerobatics, keep those to Casual, Solo, or uncontrolled airspaces.

Well how do we define aerobatics? Is it limited to doing loop-de-loops or does it count stalls, steep turns, the sort?

I believe it’s loops and and different aerobatic things like spins, etc. I believe you should be ok with stalls.

So IFATC doesn’t respond well to spins then I take it (specifically a stall resulting in autorotation, and not a spiral?)

No, not IFATC. System-generated violations. If you don’t get violations than IFATC won’t mind because you are not doing aerobatics.

Be careful though, it is not recommended to do this in an ATC-controlled airspace, you could get ghosted for something else.


The key is this. If you’re going to be ghosted while doing these maneuvers, chances are it’s because you interfered with someone else. If the airspace is empty and you’re randomly stalling out, it’s not very likely that you’ll be ghosted (although the controller might be rather confused).

Busy airspace? Probably not the best idea. Empty airfield? Knock yourself out, I guess.

This is all you really need. No further questions asked.

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