MANDATORY subscription / access to forum upon LIVE subscription

I think upon creating a live account, new users must (somehow) also be given a linked account to this forum, and some help pages etc that must be viewed prior to flying.

Every single day, every single hour I fly, there is atleast 5 users who are just useless and have no common sense whatsoever, or regard for other users. They destroy the LIVE experience over and over again.

I’m not talking about minor infractions, I’m talking about planes blatantly taking off in the opposite direction to myself and the wind, after I called inbound twice (after he announced that he was taxiing to the opposite runway) then base, then final. Then he announces take off directly against me, then I call final again. Then I’m on a 1 mile short final and he just takes off straight at me?

I’m that sick of it that I decided to start naming and shaming and contacting users directly - but as I expected, NOT ONE of these idiots is on the forums trying to learn or enjoy the experience in an orderly fashion.

I paid (can’t remember exactly) around AU$70 for my subscription, and I’ve literally purchased a licence to play airborne Mario Kart with 10 year olds.

Either hurry the F** up and train more advanced ATC like you keep saying, so the people who want to fly on a realistic simulator can do so, or force new users to read forums, or have an account where they are contactable, even if we have to go through moderators with screenshots etc.

The system at the moment doesn’t work. 99% of the people on this forum (whether or not they did before and have now learnt) comply with rules and fly realistically in consideration of others. These other people don’t, and THEY need to be the ones on here.


Good idea. Maybe IF could post the tutorials as part of gaining a subscription instead of having them get accts. As a motivation, maybe they could fet extra XP points for reading more than required?

Long live the DC-9!


They should make it so u need 10,000 xp or possibky 20,000

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Needs to be harder / more educational to earn XP as well, rather than just flying in circles causing chaos for a few hours building numbers


Unfortunately this is an extremely difficult problem to solve. The current system is not perfect but it does show clear improvement over time.


I think you should defo make us of the splash screen (when loading the region) to display basic ATC tips, the chart of a standard pattern work etc. to educate people?

You could even crowdsource the definitions of the various terms used in ATC and pull that from an API if it makes it easier for you guys / alleviate the work load.

I would be happy to help


Just going to respond to a small bit of this. We are trying to get more and more ADV server ATC, but the quality just hasn’t been there in most candidates. It makes more sense to do it at a reasonable pace, making sure each candidate is upto the job. If we lower the standards to let more people in, then it will hamper the experience of the ADV server


Not once have I seen anywhere to apply for advanced ATC. I’ve seen multiple messages that it’s suspended, that it’s coming, that soon info will be released, that testing will resume soon etc etc. I don’t know where these candidates are coming from that you’re talking about…?

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It is suspended so new candidates and will be back up very soon. At the moment we are going through the ones who have already done the theory test and doing their practicals. If they pass then they are new ADV atc. We are just not doing theory tests at the moment so no new candidates are being accepted. Make sense?😊

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Understood - let’s hope a big quality group gets approved asap! Thanks.


What do you mean by the title? Do you mean new subscribers must get an account for this? Or do you mean non subscribers shouldn’t be on the forum? Since I currently have no subscription, I want to know.

I think if you pay for a LIVE subscription and subsequently get access to the LIVE servers with ATC and other users flying, it should automatically create an account on this forum that are joined. As part of playing on LIVE, this forum needs to heavily advertised, shown on startup screens etc.

At the moment they are totally independent. You learn a lot from these forums and too many people are just flying around breaking rules, probably completely unaware they are doing so - and there is no way to educate these people.

There needs more mandatory help pages / training / forum access, and it was said above, earn XP by doing the training pages

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With the amount of recent adverse attention from a lot of forum users, including myself, in regards to how people are flying on all servers - specifically breaking rules or having a severe lack of knowledge, I again want to bring this thread up.

I again suggest this could somewhat assist as a partial solution to some of the inexperience that we are experiencing.

The devs however have not acknowledged the suggestion, let alone made a comment in regards to it? It’s a massive hot topic on the forums and some dev input would be good for once…


Misha… I for one consider the efforts of the ATC Training Staff to be top notch, unquestionably! Most of use recognize the problems associated with riding heard on an all volunteer classroom. “DO GOOD WORK”!
Warm Regards, Mad Max Sends

(no disrespect intended @MitchellJames, yr observations had to be said!)


thats so cool

Necroposting, feel free to create another topic:)