Mandatory IFC registration for use of the expert server only

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I come with an interesting idea that I think is missing from infinite flight to enable user tracking

So every single online live infinite flight user will have to make an IFC account to use infinite flight expert server

I feel the meaning of casual, training and expert has been misinterpreted among many many users
The rules of aviation stands on every server however the level of punishment for infringement of those rules is the only varying factor

I think a step by step guide to aviation, the rules and regulations and operational procedures that are attached, I think this would be a great aid to any user that is unaware or unsure or oblivious to rules and the structure of aviation
This community is rich in knowledge.
Infinite flight tutorials alone are a great help I think more can and should be done to educate new and existing users hopefully with a step by step guide within the IFC once registered the guide will commence with the various video links to basic flight and most importantly of ALL requesting and receiving ATC instructions and the use of a unicom system

Hope all this makes sense dont forget to vote

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It’s a good idea in theory, but there are a few reasons why it might not work.

It could mean that Infinite Flight might lose user growth, as some people might just want to play and not worry about creating an account. There are also younger people how play might not be allowed to create an account, therefore almost banning them from playing infinite Flight.

I do like this idea though.


I agree it needs to be structured. Maybe in such a way that registration happens away from the game and game play can not be accessed until the guide and perhaps PROFICIENCY TEST at the end is completed and then to be a user is participating within a community that encourages learning which is a great start if a user just wanted to fly then solo is great but if you wanna be involved then you must learn an obey the rules


I see your point, and it would honestly be a great idea for users to give feedback to others.

A few challenges:

  • Many IF players are children, and some parents will not want their children to be on IFC (It is a form of social media)
  • A significant increase in users which would be harder to moderate and would be harsh on Discourse’s servers
  • Newer IF live players won’t be as mature, so it should not be for all IF live players

I think these issues could be resolved with integrating tutorials into the IF user experience, rather than exposing them to a lot of extra things they don’t want or need.

Something like this would probably address your issues.

I do agree that users on Expert should be able to contact each other about issues, but without having to create an IFC account, because the IFC is so much more than contacting users about issues with their behavior.


I think it’s also easy for us to say everyone should be here as active members on this community, but we all wanted to join, they may not. I don’t think it should be a requirement for sure…


Hmmm you raise a fair point but a user can claim to be older than they are as it stands it’s based on initial information trust it’s a sketchy area however once ghosted most users complain

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Okay everyone who uses expert must become IFC registered

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But I think you’re also missing the face that having an IFC account doesn’t mean you’re active. For example I have one for a now belly up VA (@SouthernAirwaysVA) but have never used it. Forcing accounts doesn’t help anyone


I highly disagree with this idea, forcing people to create a IFC account in order to enter expert server seems unneeded, some families do not want their child to be registered on a forum. Some people may just want to fly realistic without registering on the forum.


Other people just wanna muck about and seem to think wrecking other peoples fun is acceptable

That’s why we have automated violations which lead to ghosting


All I’m saying is more can be done to improve expert and training

And if on the rare occasion someone flying unrealistically bothers you that much, I think you are just too irritable.

What do you mean, it’s strict enough already…

I disagree I think we should have automated ATC instructions out the middle man you can argue with a computer but you wont win lol unless you programmed it…

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How would that even work, and how does that even relate to the original point you made

Sounds like a good idea, some good points but I don’t think it should be mandatory.

Some people may be too young and it gives more opportunity for other users to ‘track you down’.

I believe the only people that need to know who you are are the IFATC members whilst operating.

I’m sure users will join IFC if they need to. Maybe we can incorporate in the IF log on screen or during loading screen that users are encouraged to make an IFC account and that if they wish to appeal or contact a controller, the IFC is they way to go.

Cheers for your post and getting are brains 🧠 thinking.

Thankyou very much

How this can be helpful?

When a pilot get ghosted he can follow the link right to Controller’s IFC account and deal with investigation/complaint via PM. This system will prevent our forum from new unnecessary topics regarded to “Who was the controller at XXXX” or “I was ghosted…”.


No thank you, I can fly on expert just fine without having to fumble through endless what is your…posts. If I need to vote on something or check the development time line I will do so willingly, not because I’m required to do so.