Mandatory Grade 3 to be able to control on TS1


Hope not a duplicate and sorry if so, but I have just had the worst experience with a TS1 controller.

I would like to move that a Pilot be only able to control once they have made Grade 3.

Scenario- 100nm away from controlled Tower, put on guard multiple times before I could make contact.

At least if they have made Grade 3, then maybe they know how a tower operates.

Anyway, something to ponder for the future I suppose…




It is a #features request/topic


@Darren_QFA0333 it’s TS1. You have just got to deal with it. It’s noob city there(and trolls:)


Thanks for updating it

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Just fly on the expert server…

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I didn’t changed it @ollie did

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Thanks @Ollie. Was unsure if feature request or not

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I don’t think being a certain grade will change a TS1 controller’s grade. Plus, the grading system is for flying, not controlling ;).


I mean if your grade three then why fly on TS-1 anymore

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Don’t underestimate Grade 2 users 😉. Some Grade 2 members can control on TS perfectly imho (Most of them arent active enough). Even some Grade 3/4 can troll us with their controlling 😊


Instead of saying just fly on expert, try to assist them with whatever issues they seem to be having if possible. Maybe advise them to contact that controller, or give them personal advice which is constructive. There was a forum post about this a month or so ago, saying “just fly on expert” doesn’t help the user, and usually only leads to frustration.


I think this should be implemented because if the person is grade three and above, it means they have experience from expert ATC, giving them a chance to control.


It was a topic by @Nichalas_Petranek.
I agree, instead of telling people to fly on Expert, we should try to give some constructive advice


I think this would be an excellent idea. The usual answers is ‘fly on Expert’ but this is not always possible, especially if you want to fly with traffic …just avoid SoCal on TS1.

You can’t give controllers a test before they can control on TS1, that just isn’t possible or practical, but by limiting it to a certain grade would mean that the person in question has had some experience of being controlled before they are able to gain access and so will have experience of what is expected by a controller.

Other option would be to have a grading system like we used to have for pilots. When you first control you are limited to perhaps C and D air spaces, as you have more ‘operations’ you gain gain higher class airfields with eventually being able to control Apr and then Centre?

No if your usual reply when some says they have issues with ATC on TS1 please come up with a better answere then “Fly on Expert” as that does not add to the value of the conversation. It’s good to see IFVATC and IFTSATC trying to do something about this.


I agree with David. TS1 isnt just for trolling. Its for legitimate practice.


But it’s unfortunately overrun by trolls :(

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Yes and this idea by @Darren_QFA0333 is away to cut down on the number of trolls who end up controlling. You will still get some but this method will mean that those controlling on TS1 will have a better understanding of how it should work.


All you really need to do is fly across Chicago in an SR-22 for 6 hours, and before you know it, you’ve got grade three.


However to do that you would still show some knowledge of how IF and flight works in general so that would be a starting block. Also you still need to have the total landings, flight time and landing currency all in place so a little more complicated then that!


Since the majority of IF pilots are under 21 …it should be apparent that here to with controlling expertise… is but one facet of a specialized skill of the kind of which consistent and repetitive ATC operations requires…just as important l believe is developing a patient and balanced temperament to offset the higher stress levels that the operator will be subjected to…and ultimately that will only come with sufficient experience from a greater level of maturity…which usually but not always is synonymous with a higher gradient of aviating proficiency