Mandatory Basic Training for ATC

Hi guys.

I assume this issue/feature-request comes up a lot, although I am finding it really annoying, and is a significant issue to my flights.

As most of you will know, on the training server, anyone can control any station (ground, tower, approach and/or departure). With anyone being able to control these services, there are obviously going to be newer players attempting to control the skies of Infinite Flight. I understand that everyone starts somewhere, although I believe it would be a necessity for Infinite Flight to have such a feature, for example, some type of basic tutorial that is mandatory for all ATC on the training server.

Here’s an example of why we need such a feature:
I was flying from Seattle to London Heathrow last night/morning, and had an awesome flight, except for my approach into EGLL. As I was approaching London, I got a call from the approach controller to contact them - so i did so. I contacted them, requested an ILS approach, and the controller told me to expect vectors. I got the initial vectors to descend and turn towards the airport - which was normal/fine. As I got closer to the glideslope (I was currently at 6000ft), the controller forgot about me - which even I do sometimes, so I wasn’t annoyed about it, so I did a quick loop to line me up for the ILS approach. While in the turn, I requested an altitude change to 3000ft, as this would be the interception height for the ILS approach at EGLL. The controller replied with “Climb and maintain 6000ft.” I continued to descend to 3000ft, as I knew this was the right thing to do. The controller then requested me to climb to 4000, then 4500, and then 4500 again. At this point I was getting a little annoyed, as this controller had no clue what they were doing (I know this is normal for new controllers, but it would help if there was some sort of tutorial for them that was mandatory). I ended up joining the ILS at 3000ft, and changing to tower.

What will the feature do?:
The feature request that I am asking for is fairly simple. It would be a screen that pops up (on the menu screen, before the loading screen) for new ATC, that displays necessary info, relevant to the station they are requesting to control. For example, for a new ATC wanting to control approach, it would say that the ILS intercept is generally 3000ft AGL, which I feel would give controllers a bit more of a clue on the procedures for their controlling.

Now I know it sounds like I’m bagging out new controllers, but I am simply asking for a basic feature that will help both pilots and controllers to make Infinite Flight even better!

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If you are talking about Training Server. TS is a place where everyone is learning and there is no required training to order to control. Which this feature request does not to be created, how about fly on ES for some quality ATC.

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That’s exactly why he made this request. Some ATCs on TS are completely clueless.


I understand that everyone is still learning, as I said above, although I am not requesting very in-depth, extensive training, rather a simple and basic few sentences on the procedures

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Exactly right, thank you @David_Beckett :)

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Before someone’s first ATC session they could go through a quick tutorial which briefly explains the basics of controlling and what the commands mean. I’m talking about an interactive in game tutorial rather than a tutorial on the forum.

Not entirely sure about the details of how it would be implemented but I’m sure it could be done.


Yes! That’s exactly what I’m requesting for too - not a tutorial that requires the person to leave the app and is only optional (potentially turning them away from ATC), but rather a quick and simple tutorial that is based in the game, which gives them an understanding of those things!

I like the idea, but that would mean every single person that wanted to go on the training server would need to be trained, then have to deal with pilots that refuse to listen and break all kinds of rules. This kind of thing is assuming TS can become a perfect place just with an improvement in ATC. Those that have the dedication and will to accept training can open a tracking thread and eventually try their shot at IFATC. There is no realistic or practical way or reason to mandate training for ATC that will only get the attention of less than 50% of the pilots

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I know, it’s annoying that some pilots don’t obey ATC instructions - although simply just an idea that could benefit Infinite Flight :)

What about putting a little advertisement pop up (like the NOTAMS) when they click ATC? This advertisement could possibly tell them that their are trainers for ATC and is recommended that they see one? <-- not in a harsh way though.

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Yeah that’s a good idea :)