Manchester to skiathos Boeing 757

This time a shorter flight, I flew the Boeing 757 from Manchester to skiathos “the European St Martin” in the jet2 livery. The flight time was roughly 3 hours and 20 minutes after a departure out of the busy Manchester airport.

Some information:

1 server: expert server.

2 aircraft: Boeing 757-200

3 airline: Jet2

4 cruise altitude: FL390

5 cruise speed: MACH 0.79

6 route: EGCC 🇬🇧 - LGSK 🇬🇷

7 flight time: 3 hours and 23 minutes

Starting up the engines and checking the controls with a Q400 and A350 in the background.

Departure out of Manchester 🇬🇧🛫.

Leaving the United Kingdom 🇬🇧.

Flying above Silz in Austria 🇦🇹.

Cruising above Croatia 🇭🇷.


Turning base.

Touchdown…. (-214fpm) landed after a short flight

Welcome to Skiathos 🇬🇷.

Any ideas for a next screenshots and videos topic?

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