Manchester Spotting (EGCC)

So today I went to Manchester airport at the Runway Visitor Park
And it’s a great place to go. Here are some pictures:

This was an Air France HOP! Embraer 170 plane coming from Paris Charles De Gaulle (LFPG)

A KLM City Hopper Embraer 190 from Amsterdam Schipol (EHAM)

Here now is a Ryanair 737-800 buttering the bread on landing (not sarcasm) and it came from Thessaloniki in Greece.

Here is an EasyJet A320NEO on final from Belfast.

This was a cool shot of an Ethihad 787-8 going to Abu Dhabi cutting infront of a Ryanair 737-800 going to Seville. Shows the shear size of the Dreamliner!

Here is an Emirates 777 taxiing straight past the spotting location.

That’s it for pictures! I’ll be posting the videos on my YouTube channel

Thanks for reading and looking at the pictures.


Great photos, there! I love the Etihad 787 and the Ryanair 737 taxiing!

Looks like one of your photos didn’t finish uploading, you can go into edit mode and re-add that photo and wait until if finishes.

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Wait, that’s illegal

Jokes aside, great photos! The Etihad 787 and Ryanair 737 pic is my favourite.

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All fixed now!

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Number 5 is mean lmao. Etihad’s livery has got to be one of the best out there!

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Saw EK B77W climbing out of Rwy 5L, on my way to airport bus station after finishing work :)

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The viewing park it is great. Did u take a tour of the DC10 and Concorde?

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Nope I didn’t

Been there a few times. Great place

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It sure is!

The only downside is that fence. It needs lowering or at least the mound raising

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They sure are some amazing pictures 👏

Have you tried the unofficial south side viewing point? I normally go there as it gives you clear views of the airport and its on a slant so you can see over the fence.

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I haven’t, sounds good! Do you know what it’s called? I’d like to try that

Yeah, the camera dealt with it ok in some of the shots

I was on that E190 👋

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Wow! That’s crazy!

I love the RVP; I try to go every other week. In fact, my PFP was taken at Manchester! I live the photos!

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Amazing, great profile picture! Glad you enjoyed the post!

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This…But…How?..It’s unheard of!
Great Photos!

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Thanks, Ryanair can butter!