Manchester City Blue Etihad Boeing 787-9

Credits: A6-BND Etihad Airways Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner Photo by Devin | ID 1005312 |

About The Livery

Just recently, Etihad Airways unveiled a spectacular striking blue that is made to support the English Soccer team Manchester City.

Why Manchester City?

Etihad Airways has a sponsorship with this English Premier club for years now and they have been winning so many championships lately.

Why Do We Need It?

Two words: The Blue. Just look at it! It is very stunning with all the different shades of blue.
I think this livery is very unique with the blue.

What do you think?

Don’t forget to vote for your own request, I’d like to but I’m out of votes, amazing livery anyway though and you have my support anyway

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Last I checked, Etihad was a middle eastern airline.

Read this bit

Oh, okay. I big brain.


Just like Qatar Airways had a sponsorship with FC Barcelona

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Manchester United > Manchester City



Yeah I agree

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An Airbus A330 and now a Boeing 787? 😍😍😍

I’m definitely clearing a vote for this. Manchester City is the best team in the land, for your information.πŸ’™


Same here. Manchester City is the best team in the land. I also voted for this.

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You got my vote. This is such a nice livery.

Just need a blue moon to go along with it (-: Go city

This is tempting, I may clear a vote.

The blue tail looks really really good

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Little bump. Such a stunning livery

Do Manchester city not own the rights of this liberty?

Im gonna bump this.

Really would like to see this as i can remember the joys of doing the double over Man City last season.

πŸ‘€ @mcfccallum


It’s nice, but who really likes man city :P

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Any team that gets points off them :)

Lets be honest, this is a nice livery