Manchester-Boston Regional Airport New Routes (Seasonal)

Hello, I have no place to put this anywhere (As they have no source…), so I’ll put it in here, unless it really belongs to RWA.

Anyways, I follow a facebook page called the “Manchester-Boston Regional Airport spotters”, and all we really do in there is talk about the many issues the airport faces, such as how Providence is gaining more flights, and how Boston is getting filled up, and how our airport does nothing to bring in new Air Service. This time, it looks like we have some good changes! American Airlines is starting new Seasonal Service to Charlotte, NC on an Airbus A319 Starting November 7, 2017. This is the Same route that American Eagle flies to, except on a CRJ-900. This is a Huge upgrade, as we finally have American flying their Big, yet small, mainline jet into Manchester!
Another news is that Southwest is Returning Seasonal service to Ft. Lauderdale next year on April 14, 2017, only on Saturdays though.

Here is a short version of what I have stated above:
American Airlines | [Seasonal] Charlotte, NC (Starting Nov. 7, 2017)
Southwest Airlines | [Seasonal] Ft. Lauderdale, FL (Resumes April 14, 2018)

You may be asking, if there are no sources, then how can you prove this? The only way is to talk to the people who work at the Airport, as there are some employees who know that these were happening, and how the Airport and Airline are not making any announcements. What we also did is look up these ourselves on and

Here are the screenshots for proof:

American Airlines Website showing the new route with the Airbus A319

Southwest Airlines showing the Non-stop flight to Ft. Lauderdale (Saturday’s only)

These are all great news for us here in Manchester, and I wanted to share them with all of you :)


Don’t really understand, is this just to give out info on the new routes, or is this topic for every new update?


It was really meant for the routes, I changed the Title now :)

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Oh, imo though I think just like a update thread like this:

Could be good if they have frequent routes that they add

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I live on Long Island and while it’s great to watch my local airport prosper I feel bad for Manchesters recent steady decline.
I actually just saw the numbers for July 2017 and it looks like Manchester is doing a little better. Hope this trend continues!


I hope so too, I would really wish that the Airport Manager would build a Customs Facility in the Airport Terminal, near Gate 4, so that we can attract International Carriers from other countries.

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It is just close enough to BOS that you won’t really be able to get anyone major (e.g. BA, AF, LH, etc.) to fly there when the major airlines fly to BOS already (all the ones I mentioned fly multiple frequencies in the summer). While yes PVD has Norwegian, Azores, and TACV they mostly fly to uncommon places: Cape Verde for TACV and Azores goes to an island in Portugal. Norwegian does go to DUB, SNN, and EDI but really their other destinations aren’t that big.

In summary I don’t see CBP at MHT, just too close to Boston.

Anyway it is nice to see AA and WN adding service out of there. I don’t think international should be the focus there, it should be domestic to attract more people closer to there to choose MHT vs BOS.

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Well, American Airlines is Adding the extra flight to Charlotte because I think it’s a high demand route (The last time I flew out of Manchester, we tried to get rebooked on a CLT flight, but it was full!), as for Southwest, we hope they keep the Seasonal Route to Ft. Lauderdale, as they cut that seasonal route back in 2015, but I hope they can keep it again, at least for the summer time, so I can visit family down there without having to have a stopover. I’m more happy that I can actually visit my Aunt by flying into FLL than into MIA.

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Is it true that WN had service to/from MCI, LAS, PHX, and DEN from MHT?

Yes, MHT did have Flights to Philadelphia, Phoenix, Denver, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, Baltimore, Orlando, Chicago, Las Vegas, and Kansas City. But as you can see, Southwest cut A LOT of these routes to what we have today.

Flights provided by WN as of 2017
Southwest Airlines | Baltimore, MD, Tampa, FL, Orlando, FL, Chicago-Midway

As you can see, Denver, Las Vegas, Kansas City, Philadelphia, Ft. Lauderdale, And Phoenix were all cut from Manchester. But now since we have Ft. Lauderdale returning, I hope that they can keep it as long as possible :)

Flight frequency as of April 2018
KMCO (Orlando) 4 Flights a day
KTPA (Tampa) 3 Flights a day
KBWI (Baltimore) 6 Flights a day
KMDW (Chicago-midway) 2 Flights a day
KFLL (Ft. Lauderdale) 1 Flight a day (Saturday’s only)


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