Manchester-Boston Regional Airport (KMHT) [Training Server 1] (Closed)

Hello everyone, I have opened up both Tower and Ground at KMHT!

To keep it realistic, A380’s and other heavy Airliners (Excluding VC-25 and the Boeing 787-8) are not allowed.

If you want a realistic experience, you can use Southwest, American Airlines, United Airlines, and Delta Airlines, as they all fly into MHT.

For Cargo Operators, UPS and FedEx fly into MHT if you wish to do some cargo ops.

Pattern work is accepted.

Server: Training server 1
Status: Closed Until next time…

Current Runways
Runway 35 N/A
Runway 17 N/A
Runway 6 N/A
Runway 24 N/A


Please don’t be shy, I would really appreciate your help in helping me gain more Experience being ATC :) Thanks again

I’ll be by and fly a pattern.

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Im joining right now in an United CRJ!

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Kinda messed up the runway exit, thought my brakes were on, but they weren’t. If it was a busier airport I would have directed the turns. Also I think you could have kept the immediate clearance when I was on final. Otherwise good job.

time to watch the Pats game now…

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Thanks for stopping by! :)

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KMHT is now closed, thanks to those who came along! :)

Hello Everyone! I’ve decided to Open KMHT again! Thought I’d do a little bit of ATC work :)

Current METAR:
KMHT 281953Z 24003KT 10SM FEW100 BKN180 09/M06 A3017 RMK AO2 SLP230 T00941061

Runway in use:
Runway 35

In order to have a realistic experience, please spawn in either Delta, American, United, or Southwest Airplanes.

Airplanes no larger than a Boeing 787-8 dreamliner accepted. Thank you

I’m still open! Whether you’re going somewhere, or doing pattern work, all are welcome!

ATC is now closed at KMHT. I hope to see you again soon

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