Manchester-Boston Regional Airport Airside/Gate tour

I though I’d share this here for anyone traveling to Manchester anytime soon.
I filmed this last week on Friday when I went to Miami. I arrived early and thought why not do a small tour

I hope this video helps and I hope you Enjoy the video!

Your feedback is welcome and is always appreciated! Thank you for watching my video!


This may be the most relaxing video on this forum. The peaceful terminal, people not rushing to their gates, the soothing sound of the suitcase rolling over floor tiles and I can almost smell the coffee from here…okay I’m done lol.


Probably a good idea to put the ICAO of the Airfield so we don’t get confused, there is more than one Manchester Airfields! For example EGCC…


If I remember correctly, the ICAO code is KMHT

This reminds me of my local airport

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