Manchester Airport

Have we got any Manchester Airport spotters here?


YESSSS! I spot at MAN and BHX.

Awesome! I live 90 mins from Manchester and have started to go spotting there!

I live like 4 hours away… Although I like to spot there every now and again. My rarest catches at MAN are a Cathay Pacific Cargo Boeing 747-400F, Easyjet Carrot livery and a US Airways A330.

I saw the Lufthansa MD-11 whilst I was boarding my flight. I have also seen every Thomson 787 in the fleet. I saw the Transaero 744, Virgin A343 and the EasyJet Amsterdam livery.

All the Virgin A343s are retired and I believe the Transaero was a 742.

Virgin had A343s and Transaero has 744s

I live 40 mins away. The rarest plane I saw was Lufthansa 777F

I didn’t know about the A343s. I knew about that but it was a 742 at MAN.

Which airport is BHX - Biggen Hill?

Birmingham International (UK).

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Thanks, I thought it was Biggen Hill.

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No worries bro!

No there not. Virgin still has a couple A340’s

Sorry, you are right. They have to flying at the moment.

Meeeee spot there all the time at the viewing park! Got pics


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The virgin a320 the co-pilot did the✌️Peace at us when we waved at him

Ah such a Virgin Atlantic/America/Australia attitude. Love the airline’s management and employee spirit


Surely they allow bigger planes ?