Manchester Airport Spotting 2019

Which one is your fave?


The Jet2 B757.

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I liked the Turkish A321?


The 2nd Thomas Cook is my fav by far

Very nice shots!

How was the landing of Ryanair ? Bad or cool landing ? 😂

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I like the TUI family life livery the most! It reminds me of sunny beaches and summer holidays somewhere in the south! I always love exiting a plane and entering the hot tropical air while seeing airlines like TUI, Condor, Jet2 and Ryanair. Gives me holiday vibes instantly. I also know a TUI Robinson Club that flies for TuiFly in Germany.

The easyJet one is my fave! No reason why though 😉

Always love seeing shots taken from my local airport! Love the TUI Family Life Livery!

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Happy birthday

Lovely pictures, thx for sharing

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