Manchester Airport Pub

A few pictures taken from a pub at the end of 23R at Manchester Airport (EGCC). Mainly got the A380 but a couple others.


Absolutely cool !!!

Why the hell does JFK and LGA have to be so scared…

Damn I wish New York had a location like that!

We also have a bar near our airport, unfortunately we don’t really see anything bigger than this though!


@WoodyJS I flew out of MAN a couple days ago…

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What on? Where to?

Talk about a fun Friday night out! I would love that at my local airport, but I did go to the beach bar in St Maarten.

Monarch A321, Aliacante :)

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What was the reg? I have been on two Monarch A321s (G-ZBAK and G-OZBF).

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Yep, I certainly did👍

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I fly out on Friday :)

Enviable !! Lucky you.