Manchester Airport LS6156

So, I’m currently sat in Manchester Airport, and looking at the screens there is an 1100 to Manchester. Number LS6156. I just don’t understand it cause we’re already in Manchester. I can’t really find anything on Google, does anyone else know anything about this?

That is a Jet2 flight. It may have been a test flight, charter flight or they may be moving a plane. It was probably included in the flight board by mistake :)

@IceBlue gave the correct answer. Jet2 will operate practice runs from their focus cities. They’ll fly around and then return.

Thanks for that!

Still sat in the airport, Captain asked us all off the plane as he wasn’t happy taking off, there was a dodgy smell when the doors closed and he called the fire service. Happy christmas!


Better than an engine fire at 30000ft…

Enjoy the flight and your Christmas :-)


Hi I’ve just been on this flight and got home
I can confirm it was a flight from Manchester to Manchester. It was a special flight for a charity that have paid for this flight to take disadvantaged and terminally ill children to go “to the North Pole to find Santa” anyway Santa boards the plane in mid air sees the passengers and come back to jet 2 for a party to put it short x


It was around 45mins in the air flying all over the UK x

Nice! Sounds like good fun!

What are the chances eh? Sounds great @natashax.