Manchester Airport Flyout (EGCC) 101500ZMAY20

Manchester Airport fly out (EGCC)

This is my first time making a fly out event and I hope you guys will join me and the EZYVA (Easy Jet Virtual Airline) crew. This event is sponsored by EZYVA. EZYVA offer a massive selection of routes all across Europe going to places I have never heard of before. Flying a long side the Easy crew is great fun as they have experienced Easy Jet personal that work for the real airline making flying more realistic. The boss Iyren ,who works as a flight attendant operating out of London Gatwick, is always welcoming on new pilots to the VA. Having actual Easy Jet employees brings a lot of professionalism to the VA and inspiration to the younger pilots to want to fly even more. I have been apart of many successful VAs and Unsuccessful VAs but none of them have as much fun and banter as these guys do.

Quote from the CEO of EZYVA (Iyren) “EasyJet Virtual is thankful for sponsoring this event a special thanks to James for letting this happen. It is our plan to sponsor more events all around Europe and get everyone involved. Manchester is a fantastic airport & we definitely recommend you come along & see what it has to offer”

Link to EZYVA thread


At Manchester Airport there are 3 passenger terminals a large cargo ramp and a small private terminal. I have allocated all the gates with a realistic flight that would go from that gate. Please ask which gate you would like and i will make sure to have you allocated to it slight route changes may be made as long as they’re realistic.
Manchester Airport (IATA: MAN, ICAO: EGCC) is an international airport at Ringway, Manchester , England, situated south-west of Manchester city center. In 2016, it was the third busiest airport in the United Kingdom in terms of passenger numbers and the busiest of those not serving London.

A small message from me - Please only sign up if you know you can attend as its unfair on other people that may want your gate if you pull out at the last second.

                        The Event Details      

Date and time 2020-05-10T15:00:00Z
Server - Expert server
Airport - Manchester Airport (EGCC)

Terminal 1 Gates
Gate Airline Destination A\C Pilot
1 Austrian LOWW A321 @D-MELC
2 EasyJet LPFR A319 @Josh_104
4 EasyJet LSGG A320 @Jamie_Cooke
5 Lufthansa EDDF A320 @InfiniteAviation06
6 EasyJet LTAI A320 @15shawo
7 Finnair EFHK A321 -
8 EasyJet EGJJ A320 @Charlieab29
9 EasyJet LKPR A320 @DanielOConnor
10 EasyJet GCLP A320 @easyWig
11 Aegean LGAV A320 -
12 Emirates OMDB A380 @Ibrahim_RafIque
15 EasyJet LEBL A319 @GeorgeD
16 Swiss LSZH A319 @BennyBoy007
17 Tap LPPT A320 @Martin_Lorenz
18 Aer Lingus EIDW A320 @Oliver_You
21 EasyJet LXGB A320 @ToasterStroodie
22 Etihad OMAA B787-10 @Dreadjack888
23 EasyJet LEPA A319 @Ethan_Q
24 Iceland Air BIKF B757-200 @The_Real_Plane_Spott
25 EasyJet LYTV A319 @Gabry
26 EasyJet LGKF A320 @Jack5101
27 EasyJet LEMH A319 @hazc1905
28 Iceland Air BIKF B757-200 @Icey
29 EasyJet EHAM A320 @Delightt1
31 EasyJet HESH A320 @mcfccallum
32 EasyJet LDDU A320 @PilotGeorge04
Remote 80L EasyJet LFPG A319 @PATOU95
Remote 81R EasyJet LFKB A320 -
Remote 81L EasyJet EKCH A320 @TheOneUnknownPilot
Remote 82R EasyJet LKPR A320 -
Remote 82L EasyJet LEJR A320 -
Remote 83R EasyJet EDDB A320 @James_Harvey
Remote 83L EasyJet LGKR A320 @thkmass
Remote 84R EasyJet GCTS A320 @AdamMarcOyston
Remote 84L EasyJet LEBB A320 @Drew_Cameron
Remote 85R EasyJet LPMA A320 @Payton
Remote 85L EasyJet LFSB A319 -
Remote 86R EasyJet LEAL A320 -
Remote 86L EasyJet EGAA A319 @elliottss
Terminal 2 Gates
Gate Airline Destination A\C Pilot
202 Tui KSFB B787-9 @Tommy_Chadburn
204 Catahy VHHH A350 @CaptainAzriq
206 Virgin Atlantic KLAS B787/A340 @Sam73628
208 Virgin Atlantic KMCO B787/A340 -
210 Qatar OTHH A350 @Chindle_1204
212 Singapore WSSS A350 @Raquis
214 Singapore KIAH A350 @KindaTartySliceOfPie
215 United KEWR B757-200 -
216 Jet 2 LEPA B737-800 @mildredAV
217 Jet 2 LEIB B737-800 -
218 Tui EFRO B737-800 -
219 Tui LGSK B737-800 @Igor_M
231 Remote Jet 2 LEMG B737-800 -
233 Remote Jet 2 LEAL B737-800 -
235 Remote Jet 2 GCTS B737-800 @JM-INGHAM
237 Remote Jet 2 LPFR B737-800 -
239 Remote Tui LGIR B737-800 -
241 Remote Tui LGKO B737-800 -
243 Remote Tui LTBS B737-800 -
247 Remote Tui LTAI B737-800 -
249 Remote Tui LCLK B737-800 -
Terminal 3 Gates
Gate Airline Destination A\C Pilot
41 AirFrance LFPG A320 @JornGroen
42 British Airways EGLL A319 @DanVenezuela
43 Iberia LEMD A321 -
44 American KORD B787-9 @Watt
47 KLM EHAM B737-9 @adri2007
48 Vueling LIRQ A320 -
49 American KPHL B787-9 @oneworldqatar
50 Vueling LIRF A320 @mariomartinsancho
51 Ryanair LZIB B737-800 -
52 Ryanair LFRS B737-800 @Declan_Mcgee
53 Ryanair EMPO B737-800 -
54 Ryanair LEAL B737-800 -
55 Ryanair EDDN B737-800 -
56 Ryanair LEBL B737-800 -
57 Ryanair GCRR B737-800 -
58 Ryanair EPKK B737-800 -
Cargo Ramp
Gate Airline Destination A\C Pilot
C66 Lufthansa Cargo EDDF MD-11F -
C67 Martinair Cargo EHAM MD-11F -
C69 Fedex KMEM MD-11F -
C70 Fedex KLAX B777-200F @Zuhair_Al-ajmi
C71 Southern Air KDFW B777-200F -
C72 CargoLux KORD B747-8F @anon77793723
C73 Korean Air C RKSI B777-200F -
C74 Ethiopian Cargo HAAB MD-11F -
Private Terminal
Hanger Destination A\C Pilot
HANGAR 01 BizzJet EGNS Citation X @JayIOM
HANGAR 02 Private EGBJ TBM9 @Bradgibbs01
EGCC gate chart

This chart isn’t completely up to date but will give you rough idea of the gates and how they’re situated out.


Key Information

  • Please spawn at your assigned gate at least 5 minuets before departure time.

  • Please do not push back at the same time the plane next to you does.

  • Please use the Unicom so that other pilots know your intentions and to keep everyone safe.

  • Please get your own Flight Plan. I recommend using

  • Please be careful of your surroundings and keep in control of your plane at all times, acting immature will ruin the event for others.

  • Please keep a safe distance between other aircraft, don’t want to see planes having a sniff of someones APU.

  • Pilots may use SIDs just be aware of traffic that may not be using them.

  • Runway information will be posted on the day depending on winds.

I hope to see Manchester filled!!! Feel free to ask any questions hope to see you there!



Please format your title correctly as per the guidelines.

Instead of May10 in your title, please put:



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Amazing cant wait to fly! can I have Gate 10 please to GCLP :D


Can I have a Flybe gate at T3 please to Isle of Man?

Or ill take a bizjet CX to EGNS.



Can i get a gate to EDDF Lufthansa please.


EZYVA4 down to Gibraltar please!

Great event James, looking forward to it ;)


Can i have this gate?


Gate 9 down to Prague please. Callsign EZYVA382


EasyJet LEBL A319


Hi! Can I get Tenerife (GCTS) please at Remote 84R for EZYVA?


Everyone has been added.

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Hi James, can i please get the easyJet gate to Mahon (LEMH). Thanks


Brilliant event! Just for reference Etihad usually send the 797-9

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Can i get gate 29 to EHAM please :o


Cathay Pacific please however, as a CODESHARE FLIGHT for EZYVA

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Can I take gate 210 to Doha?

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Can I have this one, please


can i get this flight please

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Well landing at this airport is gonna be some challenge and I’ve never to flew to it but it’ll be fun so it’s time I’ll give it a go!
So I’ll take this gate!


Is there by any chance, squeeze in another Icelandair?

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