Manchester 05R Approach

I was flying between Heathrow and Manchester planning to land on 05R, I connected to the correct ILS and made sure it was 05R. I was flying the a320 so I decided to take advantage of the APPR feature, I switched it on as soon as I was established on the localiser. As I was approaching, I knowticed that the APPR was lining me up for 05L however I was on the right glidslope for 05R. I checked the small bar at the bottom of the screen that tells you weather you are lined up for the centreline and it showed that I was way off course?!!!? Can anyone tell me why this happened because I don’t know weather it is an error or a mistake on my behalf.

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Jacob Laurie

Sometimes if you hit APPR too early or are off it will line you up but off center. It could also be crosswinds depending on your alt. Sometimes I have to turn APPR off and on again to reinitialize it for whatever reason.

Or in some cases the ILS may be off if it is an unedited airport.


@Chris_S are ILS/GPS based on real world data? Iv had this happen sometimes for no good reason your best bet is once you feel its unstable either do a go around or switch out to a full manual landing. A pretty good indicator that it’s no good is if it swerves back and forth side to side.

Yeah the APPR feature can be kinda jerky with your plane, and it’s crashed me a couple times in the past. I find that a rough hand-flown landing is better than a crashed autopilot one :)

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If this was in multiplayer then you may not know but it has live weather and currently weather conditions are not the best being hit with another cold blast from the east brining strong winds and this could be the reason with the aircraft being flung about on the final and games might of lined up with 05L instead.

I think your GPS is aiming at it
to avoid that, you must press the one that shows you the destination(eg 5.1) and the icao/airport , then you can select your target(i can’t Show you the video because it was locked)

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