Managing Your Time With Infinite Flight

Hello IFC!

So recently I haven’t played Infinite Flight in over a year and partially that’s because I wanted to take a break because of other things going on in my life. I haven’t had an active subscription for about 5 months now.

This topic is really just a survey of how you manage your time with Infinite Flight. As you may know, long hauls are well…long. I really haven’t done too many in the 5+ years now of playing Infinite Flight. I’ve found them to be way too long and take up way too much of my time to even complete them but I wanted to ask how do you all do long hauls and still manage your time?

I really want to get back into the groove of Infinite Flight because I’ve missed flying and this community so much but the huge problem is the time management with it and how much time I spend using the app. With marching band and drumline it really just complicates things.



Mainly when I do long hauls, it’s mainly during the nighttime when I’m sleeping. Sometimes during the week before school, I depart before I have to leave for school and then land when I get home later.


Overnight flights are nice


Do them in the training or casual server. That way you won’t get a violation if anything happens.


See this is the problem. I have after-school activities…almost every day. But thanks for the advice.

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You can have the flight land after you are out of your after-school activities


I usually take off after dinner, set it for a good speed and once I reach 10,000ft I can leave it


That’s what I thought about doing and I’ve bumped down to grade 1 anyways because of inactivity.

Always true. I’ll take that into consideration.

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Also, you don’t HAVE to land. If you wake up and you don’t have enough time to land you can end and still get XP.

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Like the replies above, I usually (or always) do my long haul flights (11 hr+) overnight, and do a maximum of 5-6 hour flights during the day. That way the long hauls will finish before I know it and little time would be wasted.

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I’m going to try that. Thanks!


hey welcome back,

it all depends on my day.
I do long haul during the night or on days when I need to focus on work. So I take off and land later

I recommend focusing on your goals. And especially if you are in high school know your priorities and understand that if you don’t make it at school you won’t be able to do what you’re currently doing in IF in real life (if you want to be a pilot for example)


I just do long hauls on friday and weekend nights. Then I do regional flights during the week when I don’t have baseball and then regional flights sometimes over the weekend.


I barely do any long hauls anymore. Coming back every couple hours to do some step climbing is the most fun there is IMO. Sure, the scenery is nice but you can’t stare at the scenery for 7+ hours can you? I usually fly short to medium haul flights because there’s more action going on. And ATC controlled airports from the ATC schedule are usually 300nm-800nm apart from each other so that’s even better!

I know this doesn’t really answer your question, but these are my views on long hauls. If I suddenly do get in the mood to fly a long haul, I’ll do it on the casual server to avoid violations if anything goes wrong.

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  • I, as others, also only do long haul overnight; but I have only ever done a couple. Otherwise, my flights are anywhere from 30min to 1.5 hours long. My device I fly with is also my primary phone, so I need it.

  • Streaming might peak your interest, and you in no way need to stream for hours or be anywhere professional. Just stream and talk with your viewers. Go to interesting or places difficult to land at.

  • Also, get some externals, such as a yoke, throttle, joystick, and/or some pedals.

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Infinite flight works fine with tilt

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Same I have school all week but on weekends I do long hauls

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Yea also go to school and manage that as well

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