Managing Threads

Hey all, welcome back to another forum tutorial which I will showing and guiding members on how to sort your threads properly. Most of this is only recommended, some areas are completely up to you. Anyway without further discussion, lets begin:

A Guide to Managing Threads

  • Watching, tracking, normal, mute
    First up its time to get this section straight. When using these utilities it enables what you wish to view and keep track of. Its extremely important since it helps manage your unread and what you recieve notifcations about.


1. At the base of a thread you can change the options for that topic. Whether you wish to Watch, track etc. If chose Tracking, than you recieve a small count on the base of threads, this all goes straight towards your Unread. I Recommend you chose Normal, unless it’s your thread.

2. There is another way of managing these option, which are located in your preferences. Inside your preference you must scroll down and view this section:

Basically you can alter which categories you Watch, Track & Mute. Just click on it and it should bring up a list of the current categories :).

  • Unread
    Its time to forcus on the Unread files. This section is located in a seperate page which you can navigate to, through the stack of books/page selection icon.


Inside this page will be a list of all the topic you are tracking (with count). It will show you topics that you track but haven’t read the newest information/posts. To clear your unread basically go to the Dismiss icon and as shown in the bottom picture. Dismiss it!


  • New
    Like the Unread page, it has its own section. Basically this lists all new topics to the forum. Also like the unread page, you can navigate to it through the page selection.


In this page you can also dismiss these topics by clicking the Dismiss New Icon, as well as creating topics:

  • Emails:
    Don’t you hate all those emails flowing in about replies, quotes etc. Well let me tell you that its fixable! If you prefer to have email notifications than move on from this section.

Inside your profile preferences you can manage what emails you recieve and don’t recieve. Edit them in this area:


Make sure to save all changes though!

  • Pinning & Unpin
    Finally lets discuss pinned topics and unpinned. Like most things its managable in your settings and in the thread.

1. When managing pinning and unpinning in threads you must scroll to the bottom. This section wil appear & its your choice to what you select.


2. The preference way is by going to your profile preferences and scroll to the bottom where an area which says:


Anyway thanks for reading, hope this has helped!

And much more info:

Don’t get me started on that ;)

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