Managing my Violation

Just a note to say at last I am able to plan flights and navigate properly after a 7 day grade change. Yep a week ago I got my first and only level 3 violation after not quite having a handle on the new flight planning that’s required and messing up an approach to EHAM.

Initially I was unhappy about the violation…I think my unhappiness was a self righteous thing Be careful of that fellow pilots but I thought it out didn’t appeal and took a time out and a week back at grade 2.

I have 400000 Exp and I think I have done pretty well to get only a handful of overspeed violations during my first few months learning the sim. Anyway my point is this. I used that ATC violation and grade change to really spend time reading learning and practicing to navigate using the Sid Star system and as much as possible prepare for flight plan changes and improve my situational awareness during busy times on the server.

I am back at level three returning a better pilot and although I only have to grind out landings only to make grade 4 will enjoy the trip to a “Green Label”

Happy flying 🛩


Glad to see someone learning from their mistakes rather than complaining about it forever. :)

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This is a constructive, optimistic way of looking at mistakes. A lot of people tend to forget that Infinite Flight is a GAME that SIMULATES realism.

Props to you for learning from your mistake. :)


This is what we love to see as controllers! Can’t wait to see you around the expert server again 😃


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