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Greetings everyone. You’ve probably noticed some of these “Managing xxxx Airport” threads lately. After discussing this with @CamJam, the creator of this series, I will be continuing it with European airports as he focuses on America.

I will start off with the airport in the city I live in, mainly because I’ve often seen its procedures confused in Infinite Flight, and because these are rather complicated sometimes, so I wanted to explain them, at least somewhat in general.

Some Fun Facts:

  • Zurich is the largest and busiest airport in Switzerland
  • The airline to fly the most flights from LSZH is, by a whopping 55% of all flights, Swiss Intl. Airlines
  • The most popular destination from Zurich is London. Heathrow, Gatwick and City are all serviced from Zurich by Swiss, BA, and easyJet
  • In 2018, Zurich Airport was voted the 9th best airport in the world and the 3rd best European one
  • LSZH is a hub for Swiss, Helvetic Airways, Edelweiss and Germania
  • It was ranked “Europe’s Leading Airport” for the 14th time in a row by World Travel Awards


Schengen and non-Schengen flights are seperated. A, B, C and D are Schengen, while E is non-Schengen. Note: non-Schengen flights do use Dock D as well, but as this doesn’t “exist” in the game (they are labeled as B) I won’t list this here for simplicity.

Docks A & B - Schengen flights
Adria Airways
Aegean Airlines
Aer Lingus
Air Baltic
Air Europa
Air France
Air Malta
Austrian Airlines
British Airways
Edelweiss (depending on dest.)
Germania (depending on dest.)
Helvetic (depending on dest.)
Swiss (depending on dest.)
TAP Air Portugal

Dock D - non-Schengen, either spawn in Docks B or D Apron depending on Acft.

Air Serbia
Bulgaria Air
Cobalt Air
Cyprus Airways
Edelweiss (depending on dest.)
El Al Airlines
Helvetic (depending on dest.)
Montenegro Airlines
Swiss (depending on dest.)

Dock E - non-Schengen
Air Canada
Air China
American Airlines
Cathay Pacific
Edelweiss (depending on dest.)
Hainan Airlines
Pegasus Airlines
Qatar Airways
Royal Air Maroc
Royal Jordanian
Singapore Airlines
Swiss (depending on dest.)
Thai Airways
United Airlines

Runway Usage

LSZH has three different variations which they use at different times of the day. The reason for this is firstly that, because of an agreement with Germany, they cannot land from the northern runways at certain times, and secondly, because the winds can vary.

Version 1 - by far the most common with the winds, however not in action at night
Landings on RWY14
Departures on RWY16 & RWY28 (or RWY10 if needed by winds)

Version 2 - usually used in the evenings unless the wind is coming from the west
Landings on RWY28
Departures on RWY34 and RWY32 (28 can also be used, however uncommon)

Version 3 - usually used in the early mornings and in the evenings and even during the day if 28/14 cannot be used (winds)
Landings on RWY34
Departures on RWY32, RWY34 and RWY28 (rarely)

Tips for ATC

  • Heavy aircraft usually depart on RWY16/RWY32 because they are the longer runways
  • Expect common fog, especially in winter
  • There are noise restrictions north of the airport due to (simply put) an agreement with Germany
  • In real life, RWY16 is only used to land for emergencies and special events (for example, Swiss Airlines’s maiden B777 voyage)

That should be about it. LSZH procedures can sometimes be quite complicated and due to the aforementioned restrictions, the airport cannot take any more flights and is practically full capacity. Please note that the terminal info may not be 100% accurate as this can change quite often. I hope you enjoy this guide and if you do, let me know which European airport I should do next (@CamJam and @HiFlyer will be taking care of Northern America).

Sources (mostly in German)

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