Managing KSEA

Second up on my series is KSEA,as it got the most votes from my first airport .-Here it is if u want to check it out Managing KATL
Alright ,same format
I’m goin through the Concourses ,then to runways ,then to ATC ,here we go

KSEA or SeaTac has 6 Conocurses,They have A,B,C,D and N and S
N and S are Sepeetae buildings to the south and north of the main terminal.

Concourse A:Concourse A has 14 Gates and served by AA,DL,Frontier,Hawaiian,United,Jet Blue and Sun Country Airlines

Concourse B:Concourse B has 15 Gates and is served by DL,UA,AK and SWA

Concourse C: Concourse C has 20 Gates and is solely used by AK

Concourse D:Concourse D has 11gates and is also solely used by AK

Concourse S: Concourse S has 16gates and is the INTLterminal.It is served by ANA Asiana BA DL Emirates EVA Hainan Icelandair Korean Air and Lufthansa.

Concourse N:Concourse N has 16gates as well and houses AK,UA and Air Canada.
Cargo terminals are to the north of the passenger jet terminals.

U can access terminals N AND S by an underground train that operates in a circle. you can walk from A B C D but train is the only way to N and S


KSEA has three parallel runways.
Planes approaching from the North will fly very close to nearby KBFI(Boeing Field)

Runway 34L/16R Is used for arrivals
Runway 34C/16C is used for arrivals I believe .Correct me if they use it for both.
Runway 34R/16L is used for departures

Here the FAA map of SeaTac

Credit Wikipedia

Departure information
Aircraft that depart on runway 34R/16L are always either straight out or a turn to the east.-They don’t turn to the west ,they will after they are far out enough
Arrival Information
The arrival runways 34C/16C and 34L/16R tend to have traffic come in straight in.Traffic to the west tend to be directed to the 34L/16R and Traffic from the east go to 34C/16C -It’s not the case 100% of the time though .


  • They like to bring the small aircraft towards 34L/16R

  • And they like directing heavies towards the Center runway

  • You can expect an equal amount if traffic from all terminals as they are relatively all the same size.

  • Only aircraft that land cross runways

  • Weather tends to have a lot of Rain ,cause it’s Seattle

  • KSEA uses both sides of the runways but usually the south most

  • KSEA is loacted near the Casade mountains so navigation to the east or from the east might need a tiny bit of caution.

Interesting Information

  • Alaska airlines takes the most pax in SEA however delta is rapidly growing their northwest hub and I see them passing AK in the future

  • KSEA Traffic in the north will fly very closely or over Boeing Field

That’s it for this one
Any issues spotted and listed is greatly appreciated especially my lack of resources for 34C/16C info
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Note I’ll do a few more American airports but Im planning to take the asian airports after I do a few more American ones

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How are terminals N and S accessed? Is it by train similar to KDEN?

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Yeah I will add this
There is an underground train that runs in a circle

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