Managing KORD

So KORD (O’hare) is going to be part of the ATC airport schedule this week, and to keep things as realistic as possible, I will make this guide for both ATC and pilots on the ground.

First off, I will address gates and parking for all airlines.

B-C Concourse

  • United
  • Lufthansa
  • ANA
    E-F Concourse
  • Delta
  • Air Canada
  • United Express
    G Concourse
  • American Eagle
    H Concourse
  • American
    K Concourse
  • American
    L Concourse
  • American
  • Frontier
  • Spirit
  • Alaska
  • jetBlue
    M Concourse
  • United
  • American
  • (any international airline)

Cargo is located north and south of the passenger terminals.
** Southwest and Allegiant do not fly to Chicago O’hare **

Next are the landing runways. If you are landing inbound from where ever, there are four runways possible to land on. You have 28C/10C , 27L/9R , 27R/9L . Only runway 28C/10C can be used for international aircraft. The fourth runway is generally used for connection flights, which is 10R/28L
For departing aircraft, there are only two runways possible. 28R/10L and 22L/4R. No matter the direction of the winds, 22L/4R will ALWAYS be open for departing aircraft. Only international aircraft may depart from 28R/10L. Runways that don’t exist: 32L/14R , 32R/14L , 27C/9C .

How to land: Enter straight in on any of the four runways, be prepared to exit the runway immediately.
How to takeoff: For runway 22L/4R, takeoff will always be directly to the South. A good VS to maintain is around +2500 or +3000. No matter what side of 28R/10L you are taking off from, you will rotate and prepare to immediately turn to HGD 355. You will always depart to the north from that runway. When you are about 7000 feet up, you can turn East West or North. No South departures from 28R/10L.

Next would be taxiway instructions, but since IF doesn’t have taxiway letters, I’m not gonna bother with that too much. Just know that in some places (American Terminal) it can get very congested. Just know the longer taxi can be the shorter one, as in go all the way around the airport once and then taxi to your runway or parking gate. It sounds weird, but that’s how you do it IRL.

I hope this helped for everyone.

Have fun flying at ORD.

(If you like these guides, I will do more for other American airports)



Ehmmm Hi, KORD isn’t featured until Sunday, it’s like 6 days left and it’d be great if you could post this on the Original IFATC Schedule Thread instead, thanks :)

It is better to have everything related to the Schedule on thr Original Post rather than making a new thread about it. And since pretty much everyone will be visiting that first thread, putting this there will catch everyone’s eye and make KORD look realistic just you want it. But wait until like Saturday evening or something, it’s a bit too early now… Thank You! 😊

And btw, it’s great that you put in to effort to make KORD look realistic. It’ll definitely help someone like me who isn’t from the U.S. and isn’t that much familiar with the KORD taxi layout. Been there a few times but feels like i did it wrong… 😅


To add onto what Mr. JR said,

I love what you have done here and I would love to see this continue! But you are going to have pilots who even with you posting this, will come to ORD in a RyanAir B737 or a Qantas A380 in a CRJ Gate…

It’s just because not everyone will see it (most aren’t on IFC) and even if they do see it, some just don’t care about realism


From my site (with many other airports)

I can tell you for a fact that 28R/10L is not only for International departures. Domestic departures do take off from 28R/10L but are done with an intersection departure. In addition, 28R/10L is used for landings as well but in this case it is reserved for heavy aircraft such as the 747s and 777s but not used often for other wide bodies. Rarely is 28C/10C used for take off or landings but 28C/10C is used for domestic cargo take offs and landings.


I supose I cant complain since I did the same exact thing when KPIT was in the scedual…

In addition, 22L/04R is not always open, 04L can be used for non heavy departures, 28L is never used but 10R is used, also JAL (Japan Air Lines) and Iberia depart from concourse K. Might want to add that United and American only use T5 for arrivals and Frontier is now departing from M.

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i just got a little lazy with it. oh yeah btw i was reported this morning so i wont be joining yall at ohare. apparently the callsign DDDDDDDD is annoying.

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I mean, it certainly is…

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Yea, really annoying. If you want, I would suggest contacting that controller. No need to complain about it elsewhere.

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lol it was a mod. i aint doin that

Thx I have been using 28R for landing sometimes. Now I know not to.

ORD is my home airport so I can tell you United express is also concourse C and Alaska Airlines is ONLY gate H4 for the 737s and the A320 is in the L concourse where virgin America used to be


And concourse C. Also JAL departs from K16. Delta from high E gates and United for high F gates.

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