Managing KATL

Hello,I am branching out from @CamJam Managing XXXX series so here is KATL:)
I will try to make sure I get everything right

So KATL or Hartsfield Jackson INTL Aiport is the worlds busiest airport,so you gotta expect a lot of terminals and gates and runways.Well I’m about to get in to them .
KATL has 7 Terminals (T,A,B,C,D,E,F)
I will describe each of them

Terminal T: This is operated by Delta,American and United
It only has 15 gates and houses narrowbodies

Terminal A: Terminal A is one of the two terminals solely used by Delta and it has 34 Gates.It houses narrowbodies from the 712 to the 752

Terminal B: Terminal B is also solely used by delta and has 36Gates
U will find a whole bunch of mad dogs and 712s here as well as a few A320 fam and 737 fam aircraft.

Terminal C:Terminal C is used by delta and southwest and is the biggest terminal at KATL.It has 55 Gates and houses mad dogs and 712s for delta and 737s for southwest

Terminal D: Terminal D is used by Delta connection,American,Alaska,Frontier,Jet Blue and Spirit.
This is where all of Delta’s regional aircraft are(CRJ2,7,9)
Terminal D has 41gates.

Terminal E: Terminal E is both a domestic and international terminal.Delta,Boutique Air ,Contour,Aeromexico uses terminal E.
Terminal E is differently shaped and has 36Gates.

Terminal F: Terminal F is the international terminal and is used by Delta,Air France,British,Korean,KLM,Lufthansa,Qatar,Virgin Atlantic ,Turkish,Aeromexico,Air Canada and Southwest believe it or not. terminal F only has 14gates. And planes at F will almost always be directed to 27R/9L


KATL has 5 runways
[27R/9L -Departures][27L/9R-Arrivals]
[10/28-Can be used as both]
They use both sides frequently.
The inner runway will ALWAYS be departure and outer will ALWAYS be arrival.agian 10/28 can be both
Heavies tend to land 27L/9R,as All planes from terminal F taxi to the south side.
Cargo will land on both sides of the aiports,cargo gates are located near 28/10 and 26L/8R

Here is a diagram of the airport,it’s a very simple format and I love it


KATL,Traffic pattern is relatively simple with the fact that all runways are in the same direction.
This is an image of the current airport activity and the traffic pattern is very simple.Aircraft from the east side will be directed on downwind to whatever runway they are being directed to.Aircraft from the east will head straight in.Aircrat from the north and south will be directed to downwind then Base.Aircraft from the Northwest and Southwest will be directed on base.
It’s the opposite when the other side is being used
Departures have aircraft turn left (north side) right (south side)
Aircraft can also depart straight out then turn any direction was far enough as traffic will spread out.
Any aircraft can depart or land on any runway.


  • If you are on the west side landings are straight in.

  • If you are from the south ,north or east,Once u turn on. base u will turn on final right after where you will then have a straight in landing

  • Once u land,there will almost always be a plane in final so exit the runway immediately ,it’s the busiest airport in the world after all.

  • Only time u cross a runway it’s only after landing or if u r taxing to 28/10

The first two statements are opposite when the other side is being used.


  • Basically If you are on the north side,u will be directed to 26/8
    If you are in the south ,27/9 28/10

  • Expect long lines awaiting departure as KATL is super busy

  • Expect congestion around Terminals A-D

  • With the format of the airport,knowing how to use ground is actually pretty simple.


  • KATL is 1026FT above sea level

  • KATL is in an area where there are many severe storms so ground stops are common.

  • Expect lots of pushback requests from A-D

Interesting Facts

KATL is the current worlds busiest airport (that’s not really interesting lol)
All terminals are straight (North to south) except for E and F
The first flight at KATL was on SEP15 1926
AA considered making KATL a hub in the 90s but delta was too much
Runway 28/10 was made to ease the smaller aircraft landing on 27L/9R and 26R/8L so that heavies can land on the longer runways
KATL 20 yr masterplane includes a new INTL terminal G and a 6th Runway

Hopefully I have no mistakes
Feel free to state a mistake :)
This Is my first Topic like this and I hope I can organize and make it better in upcoming series

What do u want next ?

  • KDTW
  • KCLT
  • KSLC
  • KSEA

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Great thread! Nice to see this series branching out. Maybe one day all the airports in IF will be covered😉

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That would be nice to see every airport
Wouldn’t have to google everything

Mmm me likey mucho…

Nice work! I’m always IFing from/to there. I also live there. Err here. I Uber drive too and spend time there. Just this morning in fact. Just got home. I always want to come home and play fly but just too tired.

Our rideshare stagging area is right between 9R/27L and 10/28. Of all the times there never seen takeoffs from 10/28, just overflow landing traffic. This morning I saw multiple 757s land on 10 along with some A319s and 20s including the Spirit flying highlighter along with RJs, 717/MD Series. It also seemed that B37s we’re only landing on 8L there for a while. Though that may change over the next few years as the new terminals are completed and the 6th runway (where currently the stagging area is now)

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This’ll be very useful for my next couple flights, thanks!

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I am now starting KSEA as it was most popular
Stay tuned!

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