Managed to land using APPR

Made up, I managed to land using the APPR, obviously when I’m on the correct approach the little arrow on my altitude when pointing up means I’m too low, pointing down I’m too high. And the diamond in the centre means I’m bang on with my altitude, and just a case of trying to keep that diamond in the middle and I’ll hit the runway dead centre.


I’m confused, what’s the point of this post? Is it a question?


Its sort of a follow on from one of my earlier posts… Probably should of just posted this as a reply. My apologies. And also a question in regards to the arrows / diamond on the altimeter.

Hey Mart!
Congrats on getting your APPR to work. Based on the screenshots, I would suggest you reduce your speed by about 10-20 knots, as your have your flaps fully extended. That way, you can approach with a level or positive attitude.

Now, your next challenge is to land with no autopilot at all, handfly all the way! You will find it is much more gratifying and enjoyable as a pilot.



Yeah for me when I’m feeling lazy, I literally let the APPR do everything, once the wheels are down I take control to slow down.

Yeh I realised I was a little fast on the approach shortly after the screenshot so did bring it down abit.

As the the handfly I always used to attempt it and prob crashed every time… Small steps I suppose.


Is infinite flight available on pc/laptop. Or just mobile/tablet app

Mobile only. Only the devs use it on PC for testing.


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