Man tries to open A380 door 12km above Pacific Ocean

A man onboard Q12 from Los Angeles to Sydney is facing up to 10 years in jail after attempting to open an A380 door above the Pacific Ocean. Manuel Gonzalez, a US national left his seat and tried to open the aircraft door at around 7 am, the man returned to his seat but was surrounded by 4 crew for the remainder of the flight. The A380 was 13 hours into her journey to Australia’s east coast with about an hour of flight left, she was cruising at 39,000ft. Gonzalez would have had no hope trying to open the door due to the air preasure at that altitude, however, that would have most likely not have been known by the passengers on board which understandably would have been extremely nervous at the time. He was handed over to the Australian Federal Police after landed and was charged. The offense carries a maximum 10 years in jail.
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Wow, thanks for sharing!


When people have nothing better to do on their flight


You would of thought he would have done some research before doing that.

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Wow, It seems he tried to kill 500s passengers on board! Btw, Do you know the cause why the man tried to open the door?

Glad that he didn’t know that he would not have been able to open the door given the air pressure at that altitude


Maybe he ordered some food and was simply just going to collect it.


Really? 10 years for an attempt at a physically impossible act? What’s the sentence for jaywalking down under? 5 years?

Get this man some help, not prison time.


Im pretty sure he’ll get therapy in prison. Plus, what if he had superhuman strength?

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Guys, he committed an offense that put over 400 people’s lives at risk, he deserves 10 years, you got to be strict on this stuff, because if it happened a lower altitude with lower air pressure it could have been fatal


what an idiot. thats all the words needed to describe this stupid act


Wow someone wanted some fresh air at 41000 feet


If it was on you and you alone to pay for his prison stay, would you say the same? For an attempt at physically impossible act? Let’s get a grip here.

Kick him back on over to this side of the pond so we can put him at a bounce house until he’s deemed to no longer be a threat to himself and others. If he’s got a good attorney that may end up being what happens.


That sentence for jaywalking should be established, jaywalking itself also poses as a risk for drivers.

Actually good idea, you guys have him, all yours, the only problem is how could you put him on a commercial flight after what happend? Or would you get him out of his own pocket to pay for security guards?

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Air Marshals. 😉

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Aye good idea, lol serious though, what would the justice system over there give him?

Depends on his representation…

If he were competent to stand trial (i.e. Just an Idiot, not CooKoo), without priors and decent attorney he may just get time served, lengthy probation and added to no-fly list as a plea bargain.

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I don’t know where I saw this fact but I think it said that you can’t open a door on a commercial plane when it’s flying because of pressure and stuff…

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Plug door.

Inside pressure higher than outside is what keeps it from opening…Aside from locks and such.