Man somehow survives 17 hour flight without taking a single step

Qantas 9, the world’s 2nd longest flight and economy travelers worst nightmare. The 17hr and 20min flight from Australia’s most western outpost of Perth to the motherland’s most populous city of London. It surely is one massive treck with 2 sets of flight crew completing a journey that would be described by some people as a “claustrophobic persons worst nightmare”.

Due to the massive amount of time in the air, the University of Sydney and Qantas teamed up to conduct a study on around 1000 people to see how much passengers are being physically active during the flight. One man in business class obviously was extremely comfortable in his 787 Dreamliner bed and recorded zero steps. No getting up for a stretch, no bathroom breaks, no anything. I can bearly sit for 1 hour let alone 17. The equipment used was double checked and wasn’t faulty and was acting like it was built to. The man (who wasn’t named) was either extremely sleepy or just really just didn’t want to get up, either way, it’s one weird yet a somewhat incredible achievement.

The 787’s jet-lag busting cabin with higher humidity obviously is working due to the average amount of jet-lag felt by passengers with the equipment on was rating at just over 2 out of 8. The study is looking at how to beat jet-lag in more ways and bring a new approach to extreme long haul flying

VH-ZND, one of the aircraft that flies the Perth-London route, touching down at Alice Springs Airport, full credit


Hu, I couldn’t imagine doing that, I mean wouldn’t you have to pee at least?


That’s literally me on each and every weekend. Except for the flying part.


This man is like a stick no movement whst so ever amazing

I’m more worried about DVT or blood clots. Sitting for that long is dangerous.


On my first long-haul flight, which happened recently, I didn’t take a step either. Istanbul to Japan, almost 12h (scheduled for about 11, a bit late though). It’s not as amazing as 17 hours, but still…

Actually, I had multiple drinks, including a few colas, water. Didn’t have to do a number 1 or 2 during the flight and for approximately 2 hours after touchdown.

Also, economy class :)

Oh right, and I only took a number 1 after we arriced from Riga Intl. to Istanbul for a connecting flight to Narita. 4h waiting time. So to sum up, 17h-18h of no toilet.

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I can understand it since it was business class meaning he was probably sleeping for quite a while, but still…not even a toilet break in 17 hours?! 😳


Kinda amazing that he never took a step or streched. To be able to just be still for that long is difficult indeed. But heath issues.

Although most health issues regarding sitting or lying come after long term of doing so, there still at risk of blod clots building up and in worst case those clots will lead to a Stroke or Myocardial Infarction. And those can lead to ones death pretty fast.

And depending on where clot is located it may or may not damage other functions of your body such as brain (memory) and/or legs + arms. The chance of getting ALS isn’t farfetched either. Since there is no oxygen reaching to certain points of the body when the vlot builds up, blocking the passage way for the oxygen flow. And on top of that if your brain gets damaged due to lack of oxygen, and if you don’t pass away at that instant, you could suffer brain damage which can lead to the body becoming paralyzed.

And I’m not gonna dive into the 100 of major health problems minimum sleep and not visting the rest room for certain amount of hours can lead to. I’ll just leave it at that: You’ll survive if you’re lucky but the risk of dying have now increased for you but by how much deoends on people to people.

Sounds Incredible and Challenging but Highly Dangerous and NOT Recommended to do, whatsoever!!


I was looking for the disclaimer of the man was possibly on the side of not being alive? :/
Still, quite an amazing achievement, even if it can have adverse side effects on the body!

On my 17 hour flight from KATL-FAOR I got up and walked around 5 times because I know the health risks. You don’t want to sit more than 3 hours on a plane without getting up.

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I could never do that, I have to get up and walk around. Thought just imagine if the guy was in economy

Not a 17 hour flight, blocked that long due to headwind and other factors. 16 hours at most. Flown the route, the seats are small so I too walked around and talked with the flight attendants. Would rather do that flight on SAA, or too JFK.

Nevertheless this quite the achievement for this man! If he was in economy it would be a different story, I’d say.

I can sit for atleast 11-13 hrs doing nothing except watching movies

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I couldn’t spend that long just sitting down especially in plane cabin environment.

When I went to Ireland the flight was 10.5 hours long. I was fine up till probably the 4th hour, then I had to get up and walk around a bit. As the 8th hour approached, due to turbulence, I couldn’t get up, and it was very uncomfortable. The fact that he didn’t stand up for 17 hours straight is mind blowing to me.

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