Man sentenced to 15 months for pointing lasers at aircraft

45-year-old Brenton Wells was sentenced to 15 months in prison and 3 years probation for aiming a laser pointer at an aircraft over the Chicago-Rockford International Airport, potentially blinding the pilots.

Wells faced a judge in federal court for standing in his backyard and aiming the beam at an aircraft flying over his house on December 6th, 2018.

Wells admitted to continue to aim the pointer at an aircraft even after it had moved past his house.

Pointing a laser at an aircraft is consider a federal crime in the US. You can read how many incidents have taken Here.


May sound silly, but in Canada there’s groups that star gaze, and such, and where i live international planes fly over at their cruise frequently day and night, and one of the coordinators said they have to contact Canadas transportation board or something along those lines, to get permission to or som to use the lazers to help people see what they’re looking at.
Now i could have this all wrong, this was like 7-8 years ago, so memory on it is kinda terrible but i am not surprised he got 15 months so


It still blows my mind that people think this is ok or fun to do, but glad they caught him


Well deserved in my opinion. Could never understand why someone would want to do something like this.


It’s reckless endangerment to point lasers to planes. What may seem as an innocent game may have profound effects on the field of view and eyesight of the flight crew which may endanger the flight. Hopefully no flight was endangered but this sentence should serve as a lesson to ‘laser pointers’ everywhere.


I always wonder why the mugshots look terrible. They probably look fine in real life lmao.


These people should think like this:

“how would you feel if you’re in the plane and the pilots are blinded? Would you feel safe?”

Honestly, it just annoys me how people do this for fun. I mean, where’s the fun in this??

“Yay, i’m pointing a laser at an innocent plane with the intention to blind the pilots, yay!”


I was on a flight MSP-MSN where a someone pointed a laser at our A321. Hit me in the eye, and after consulting with a pilot friend of mine he told me to say something to the pilot. We chatted for a bit and on my drive home cops called me and asked for a statement. TLDR: Not fun


Wow. Two stupid pieces of news in the same day? 😂

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