Man Runs across tarmac to catch Ryanair plane [video]

Thought this was a pretty funny article which was worth a share.


I don’t think so…I wonder what possessed that man to jump onto the apron of an active airport. He must’ve really missed his family.


Its not the same as in the USA or the UK. Airports in spain are often disorganised and crowded. The other day I was in Faro airport and was able to literally walk down open jetways at gates, although I obviously didn’t jump…


Well there is a difference between airports like Faro, and Madrid. I would expect security at Madrid to be a little more intense.


its not the first time it has happened

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This is crazy!

Well when times a tough.

Oh my gosh who has the guts to do that ?

It’s just the thought that a man would actually do that whenever how sincerely dangerous it is is funny

Apparently the guy made the flight but was arrested when he arrived at Gran Canaria


Im more concerned why ground crew didnt go tackle the guy after he jumped down. YOu had one guy in a tug and another filming. It took that long for security especially considering how things are in the world with terrorism.

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