Man refuses to fly eco resulting in missing child birth

I see future me is already making his mark…

lol jk

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Well let’s just call this man… interesting

@Pinecone nailed this thread’s reaction.

Also mine

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I don’t really know who is in the wrong here. I’m just gonna say it was an equal effort. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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He should have sucked it up to see his child being born and shouted at the airline later.
Who wants to miss there childs birth? He must have been devastated, bless him.

Flying economy on American sure does suck, that’s a fact.

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This is one stubborn guy. Missing your own kid’s birth over an economy ticket? I would’ve flown economy and deal with the airline later.


Personally I would have gone on the flight so I don’t miss one of the best moments of my life, in my opinion I think his decision wasn’t the best.

MaxSez: Before you buy the ticket read the contract! Airline Ticket contract are written by airline employed lawyers who make it impossible for a laymen to interpret them. Airliners will fight you for a dime in profit. The law is on their side. Door Close on schedule, your trapped in or out and get Nadda except an unsanitary seat if your lucky. Max

That’s literally just the most stupid decision ever. I would give really much to attend my child’s birth as I imagine this to be an extremely special moment (and it’s important to support your wife/girlfriend).

I would definitely fly economy in the worst seat on the whole plane for what ever length of flight to be there.

Also that’s actually not even dangerous or unhealthy or anything which makes the decision even easier.

I’m kinda curious how many people here have actually read the article. A lot of you sure sound like you haven’t. It says he has a medical condition that would mean a long flight in economy would be very painful for him. And there is a possibility more important detail. He may have not known he was going to miss his daughter’s birth. It says it happened while he was on the flight “due to a medical emergency” not to mention it says American should have known he was on his way to the flight, but still gave away the seat, and the story starts to look a lot different…

I agree with you there. I was trying to figure out what timeframe you would have to get there in order for your seat to be given away, but you to still be able to board. And as for the last part about not knowing it was about to happen, I find it just as credible as the rest of the story personally, but given that all this seems to have stemmed from a few online comments, I would take all this with a grain of salt personally…

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