Man refuses to fly eco resulting in missing child birth

A man paid for a business class ticket on an American Airlines flight but then found out not too much later it had been given away. He was then offered a seat in eco, but refused. Due to this he missed his own baby’s birth! For more details on the event, check out the article below.


I mean, this was like a double punch to the chest, paid more offered less, and then doesn’t even get to see his child’s birth🤔 I mean, on one end i don’t blame the man, but on the other, maybe he should’ve sucked it up and dealt with the airline later🤔




Airlines fault, but kind of his, idk kind of sucks to miss a child birth :/

I hope he reconsiders his priorities in life. I’d never miss the birth of my child for the world.


If he knew that missing the flight would result in him not seeing his baby, then he needs to reevaluate his life, but I mean if you pay for a business class ticket. You should get a business class ticket

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Airlines gave his seat away and gave him another option and the dude refused. It’s his fault for not taking the fix.

At the end of the article, it says that he had medical needs and would be in pain if he flew in economy. It also said that he didn’t know that the birth was imminent and it happened because of an emergency. I don’t agree with what he did, but always remember to consider both perspectives.

You never know, though. He could be making that up, such as this:


Well she was making this up during the incident. This guy might just be trying to justify his actions, but he’s not getting anything out of lying. I don’t know if he is telling the truth or not, I’m just saying to keep an open mind.

Dang, if I was wifey I would nooooot be happy 😂

This article doesn’t provide enough detail… the boarding door closes 10 min prior to pushback… if the flight was already delayed then they would of held the plane until that 10 minute mark. Once that 10 minute park is there, the close the door and clear the standby list if it’s a full flight. Seems to me he got there late (1-2 min before door closure) and the seat was given away right fully so. Once a seat is given away, it can’t be taken back

Wow. This guy just got kicked in the chest.

How could you choose a fancy airplane seat over the birth of your child?

Who knows. I would if taken the eco seat.

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When one of my brothers was born, my dad broke the speed limit by like, 20 mph and just made it on time. No one pulled him over though, so 🤷‍♂️ 😅

I would take the seat in the back by the toilets next to a screaming child.


I disagree completely with this. The door closing 10 minutes prior to pushback should indicate the end of boarding, if he arrives BEFORE that time then he was ON TIME for the flight and his seat shouldn’t have been given away.

The guy, as mentioned had issues where he would be in pain in an economy seat - join the club. Economy isn’t comfortable, everyone experiences aches and pains. The airline will have refunded his seat so he was onto a winner taking the economy seat and getting back in time for the birth. I’m not buying the “I didn’t know it was imminent” if that’s the whole reason he was flying back in the first place.


Correct it does but that includes standbys as well. If everyone (including the standbys) Aren’t on the plane by the 10 min rule, it could be counted as a delay!

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I wouldn’t miss the birth of my child for the world, even if I was in pain the entire time. The birth of your child would be so much more important and special than refusing to sit in economy.

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Business class over your baby… what the hell is wrong with that guy?

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I woulda just dealt with the economy seat and got my refund but I highly doubt he knew his baby was on the way. If he payed for a business seat and was offered economy, then that’s purely the airlines fault for messing up. Not sure why you’re all blaming him.

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