Man makes plane have to do a emergency landing (News)

Baiscly I would say a lot of things about him but if I did I would probably get suspended anyways just read this.

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Don’t see the point in jailing him. Just slap him with a big fine and put on no fly list.

I certainly hope he had a good Barrister.

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Dude he was that dunk running up and down the isle yea have you watched the news recently? A eye witness said he was running towards the front of the plane.

Waste of taxpayer money.

If he must be jailed then he should be ordered to pay for the cost to jail him. It won’t happen though.

Meh he should get life in prison 👌. Or just shot that works to.


Does that really sound proportional to you? It’s not like he took another life. The punishment must fit the crime.

Worst case should be, he gets fined, he pays the airline back their cost for diverting and delay, he doesn’t get to fly again for a set period of time.

The penal system should have little to no interaction in this matter if only to enforce the judgement.

Lol he got banned for life from jet2 he was drunk at 8 am really. Your going to let a cockey scumbag get away with what could be described as a attempted hijack?

He gets what he derserves. Every action has a consequence


That is to extreme, you mean to tell me when your drunk and you are ignorant you want me to shoot you?😑


No beacuse I don’t drink and when I am legal to I won’t go round getting drunk 👌

You say that nowwwww. 😄


You still don’t take someone’s life for misbehavior

Meh I do. Awe okay he can be prodded 50 times with a red hot iron rod.

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