Man looking for Restroom tries to open exit door while airborne

Picture of GoAir A320NEO, link posted bottom of the thread.


A 20 year-old man, who was also a first-time traveler, sparked mid-air panic amongst his fellow passengers when he was apparently looking for the bathroom and attempted to open an exit door. The incident occurred early Saturday night, on GoAir flight 149 travelling from Delhi to Patna, between 7 p.m and 8 p.m. “People asked him why he was doing so (trying to open the exit gate). He told them that he needed to use the washroom urgently and kept tugging at the exit door. The FA and other passengers detained the man after his attempts and was watched closely.

When the flight landed, he was detained and taken into police custody. Later that evening, he was released from the airport police station, as the officers found truth in his side of the story.

My Thoughts:

Even though this was extremely dangerous, he wouldn’t have been able to open the door due to the aircraft being airborne and cabin pressure. Still, this was very dangerous. Although I do hope someone was able to escort him to the restroom and he didn’t have to hold it for the remainder of the flight. In all fairness, it was his first time travelling, so it is understandable.

Link to Story:

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While i don’t doubt his story, you have to be some kind of dumb to do that.


I can’t find myself not laughing at this in my head, hope he did find the restroom though. Also how didn’t he notice the EXIT sign above the door and the window to the outside, make me doubt the story.


In all fairness, while I partially agree with you, it was his first time being on a plane. So he doesn’t have his plane smarts yet.


I mean no one was really in danger, but funny certainly… 😂


TBH that is something I would probably have done. I’m glad nothing bad happened!!

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Well, theirs a lot of differences between a large door with an EXIT sign over it and a small one with the sign Lavitory on it.

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This made my day.


I have to be honest, I think the guy might not all be there.

  1. He must not have paid attention to the announcements saying what the exits are for.
  2. Lavatories are clearly signed as such where they are located.
  3. He should have asked where the lavatories were.
  4. He should have noticed there was no restroom but a sudden drop to the ground beyond the exit door.

Whenever I am in a new environment I make sure to ask questions and he should have done this.


Questions Life

Now this is a story you don’t hear often, while I feel sorry for him for making a mistake, I question his vision. Like said about, he didn’t see the EXIT sign above the door, or the window. Exits while questioning Humanity

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What he should’ve done was ask the FA where the bathroom was.

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This is funny! XD

But you can’t open the door while an airplane is airborne!

I question why he didn’t question, “why does the bathroom have a window?” Lol


Its a bathroom with a view

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“Keep in mind, the nearest exit restroom may be behind you!”

Funny story lol


Of? A veiw of the cabin???

Hey, lets just be happy he didn’t think the cockpit was the restroom. 🤣


On Emirates’ A380s, there are windows in the bathrooms ( I don’t know about all of them, but in the business cabin bathrooms of the plane I flew on, there were )

Global Flyer1

“I wonder if this door that is in the back and opens outwards and on the exterior of the aircraft with a window is the bathroom”


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A few to many I’m guessing 🍻

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