Man kicked out off IndiGo flight for trying to charge his phone in the cockpit

A passenger was kicked off an IndiGo flight from Mumbai to Kolkata flight for trying to enter the cockpit to charge his phone.

An airport official told the Press Trust of India news agency that the man, said to be in his mid-thirties, was drunk.

Police questioned and then released him without charge, the official added.

This is the second bizarre incident this week after a passenger tried to open an emergency exit, mistaking it for a toilet.

This is taking stupidity 190 levels higher (190 is the maximum number of seats on an Airbus A320). Why would someone think the cockpit has a power socket (never mind, I should have asked why someone would think they can barge in to charge their phone)? And aren’t emergency exits clearly labelled in both English and Hindi in India? Anyways, this shows how much education and common sense many Indians would need.

(Sort of off-topic but this also shows how dumb people can be) A few months back I saw a video of a kid being forced to push down the pebbles he kept on a train track somewhere in rural India. He kept them there so the train would crush them!


lmao what? That’s too much.


The cockpit DOES have a socket. It’s (oddly for a european aircraft) a standard US socket most often used by the cleaners to plug the hoover in.

As to why he thinks he could use it??? Who knows, it’s India.



This is hilarious! Coming into a cockpit to charge a phone! XD


So this is what alcohol does 🤔 Noted


Think of the devil, I’m learning about carbon and the various compounds, and alcohol is one of those. Wondering how I didn’t realise that…

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Exactly, I mean, where does he think the flight crew are charging theirs for crying out loud!!!

Just plain selfish. ;D


But seriously, why doesn’t he have a power bank? To me the only reasonable reason for him to barge in would be as he needs to call his family and his phone is dead, but he was drunk, so…

Oh come on seriously…there are several ways this could’ve been avoided

  1. He could have made sure his phone was fully charged before he boarded the plane.

  2. He could have bought a cheap power bank that lasts for 3-4 hours for about £20 at most.

  3. He could have asked a fellow passenger who maybe had a power bank (if they had one) if he could borrow it to charge his phone.

  4. He could have asked a flight attendant if there was anywhere to charge his phone rather than barge into the cockpit.

I mean seriously this just shows how many ways this could have been avoided.

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That sounds like Florida Man. What is Florida Man doing in India?


He should have been jailed for public intoxication or something of that sort. Perhaps even fined. It would have been a good deterrence for would be idiots in the future who think they can do what they want because they paid for one seat.


Clearly going for Act II

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“Sorry mate do you mind if I just charge my phone real quick”


You’ve got me interested! Wow I’m amazed at people! 😊 Also surely you can see he wing outside of the emergency exit so how can you mistake it for a toilet? Were they planning to have a turd on the wing? And… His physics grade at school??! Higher you are the thinner air so not such a good idea to open a exit. Also he probably didn’t know that the cabin is pressurised.

… I actually want to give up on Humanity at this point. I’ve seen enough internet for today. And its 8:30am


None of this surprises me in the slightest. Having flown in and out of India for many years some of them are some of the most self entitled and ignorant people I have ever come across.

It’s a beautiful country filled with wonderful people and destroyed by a corrupt political, judicial and cast system.

Still, the country is stunning to visit!!!


Only in India.

As flying becomes more and more routine/common (and cheaper), more and more people will start to fly, leading to more and more stupid incidents. With planes becoming increasingly-common, so will the ignorant people flying them.

To put it simply, I like to compare these incidents to people walking right into glass windows and doors :D

I just don’t understand… Why would people think it’s okay to enter the cockpit at all???


This is amazing. People never fail to be a source of entertainment.

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