Man kicked off Delta flight for speaking Arabic

Found this whilst searching on YouTube. Also saw it on Facebook. Your reactions?


Thank you for fixing that @Mubashir


Don’t really care.


It’s been confirmed as fake now by the NYPD and Delta, maybe change the title?


Source please :-)

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He seems like a narcissistic drama queen and a trouble maker. Two sides to every story, I bet Delta have an interesting counter argument.

Some people LOVE playing the victim. Notice at the end when he starts hitting out at “white people”.

Well done Delta IMHO.


He is the same guy who was found out to be faking another video of flying in a suitcase , in a addition it is coming to light now that the video was staged…


Here’s something he did 2 years a go to similar effect

he is also a known fake prankster


Why would you stage this type of video? There are other people who are trying to get some place. I hope he gets some time in jail for that


In 2 minds about this. If he is making others feel uncomfortable, then fair enough, but would they feel that way if he was speaking german or something?

May have been staged though. Especially on the fact that most didn’t care.

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It’s fouseytube

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Did :) thank you my friend.

I know him. He is Adam Saleh. I know why his reaction is like this. His luggage was dissapeared. He was flyin Delta


Why did they kick him out in the first place?

He was making 20 passengers uncomfortable. He was probably asked to stop but wouldnt. Look out for Delta to sue him for damages to their image because he directly was smearing Delta’s image publicly and widespreadon social media. Also because of this I would expect Delta putting him on their opersonal no fly list.

Lol this is what they do. Delta didn’t want to make it a drama so called it a hoax. How is it a hoax when he’s literally being evacuated of a flight?

The video that is mentioned in this topic is true. The second video that speak Delta and the police is a 9 month ago video made on another flight. The real story is that Adam was calling his mother who does not know English because of Yemeni nationality. The people in his flight was highly racist. I wonder if from tomorrow every person who flies with a foreign airline can no longer go because of that useless people and racist flying every day. but the most serious thing is that these facts happen in 2016! If you do not believe the video just go to the Twitter profile of Adam Saleh to see his live on periscope.
Sorry for my bad english.


@SkyHighGuys source for being a hoax?

He read my mind 👆

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How is speaking to your mum on the phone using the only language she understands which also happens to not be English considered making 20 other passengers uncomfortable?

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