Man is the Only Passenger On-Board a 737

Man Gets a 737 to Himself

You must be asking yourself, how did this even happen?

His only companions on board the plane, which has a seating capacity of 189, were two pilots and five crew members on board the 737. Strimaitis suspected something was amiss when he went to check in at Lithuania’s Vilnius International Airport and was told the crew were waiting for him.
After asking why, as he was by no means late, Strimaitis was informed that he was the sole passenger on board.

How did this happen?

Tour operator Novaturas confirmed to CNN Travel they chartered a flight from Bergamo to Vilnius for a group of clients that day.

In order to avoid the aircraft coming back empty, one-way tickets were put on sale for the return trip. However, he was the only person to buy the ticket.

How would you feel if you were the only passenger?

Let me know below.

I would feel very very special in this situation. I would obviously hope to crew would be extra nice, since they wouldn’t have to worry about any other passengers, and maybe I would ask for a tour of the cockpit.


I would feel like I am a millionare with his own private jet


This guy is lucky
The only reason the flight wasnt cancelled was because it was a charter which means they already have their money.Normally it would have been cancelled and they would wait to put him on a flight with more people


His name though!


would you take:

  • extra leg room seat
  • Or a wing view seat

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I can’t remember a flight I’ve been on when I didn’t have a wing view, to be honest. For my past 40+ flights, we’ve always seemed to book the seats right over or behind the wing…

I’m surprised they decided to carry on with the flight despite there only being one passenger. If this were me, I’d honestly be pretty embarrassed to be the only passenger.
I wonder if the flight attendants ever used the PA system during that flight. I bet they were happy to have a break during that flight :)


Man a private jet if I had one I’d be using every seat

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Read the article! The plane had been chartered one way already and had to fly back to base and so they offered tickets for the one way flight…but only one person bought one!

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I would feel special and move about the plane

I would order my drink at one seat then move to another (to have some fun)
I would flex on my friends

Oh the things I would do if I had a whole cabin to myself


I know, but they had a full flight attendant crew on board for one passenger? Maybe they didn’t have a choice, but it’s still surprising.

Why can’t you have both? ;-)

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I would just get a drink and relax. I would let the flight attendants have a break.

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Well I mean usually the more leg room seats are at the front whare you don’t have a good view of the wings…

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I’d jumpseat lol


Gotta love the exit row seats ;)


lol best legroom but not the best window size


I’d be too nervous that I’d doze off, slump over, and set it off… 😂


Oof, that’s no good, Tells me never to book a emergency exit seat lol

I would post it on here and be like this guy:



Lol yeah, take the emergency exits for maximum legroom. 💪