Man hires A320 for 4 people

India, the land of curries and floating post offices (that’s actually true). The country is the worlds second-most populous, her population density is a major problem with crowded trains that have people hanging out the sides, however, the rich always find a way to avoid peasant life and this story just proves it.

Firstly I have to ask, G’day g’day, how ya goin’? It’s nice to be back on here after a few days. Now, if you have not been keeping up with the news like me you probably would not know that India is struggling, quite a bit with the good old virus and remembering that air travel involves people getting to one another and that’s not exactly good is crucial to understanding the story. There are plenty of people who deserve to fly in a private jet like my good friend Misha and then there are people who are filthy rich, this tale, unfortunately, is about the latter.

So let me put it to you straight, a filthy rich family was very concerned about with the peasants in such a hard time so they charted an A320 for the four of them. The flight from Bhopal, India to Delhi, also India took place on Monday after the nanny, two kids and wife were stuck in Bhopal for about two months due to the travel ban. The carrier or rego of the aircraft they chartered is not known however what is known is that the flight cost around AUD$20,000, a hefty sum for a flight just over an hour.

I understand that when you have the money and you haven’t seen your kids in months it’s important to get them home but what I don’t understand is the choice of aircraft, let’s take IndiGo, one of India’s largest carriers. They operate many types of aircraft including the A320 but they also operate the ATR72, an aircraft that could comfortably move four people the 774km (get with it Americans) between the two cities while also not helping the environment with the unnecessary emissions. The takeaways from this? Some people have too much money for their own good and we need to start a GoFundMe to fly Misha in a private jet to Sydney. What do you think?

Is an A320 really necessary to fly four people less than 1,000km? image credit


And that ladies and gentlemen, is a prime example of the Flexer in the wild.


Does it pass the joke test?


Yes. It totally does.


I’m not even sure why he would do this. A private jet is more comfortable, cheaper, and looks better. 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️


Weird flex. but okay.

Really, he could have looked for a private jet which would have cost less to operate. A fool and his money…okay I’ll just leave this here.


Not a bad idea, haha

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how did we get from flexing AirPods to THIS?!

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AirPods aren’t flexing imo, theyre basically glorified and overpriced earbuds that look like the bean shooters from plants vs zombies.


That’s a bit subjective, who knows what his reasons were? Of course he could’ve chartered a van, bus, or helicopter, and the A320 is outrageous for any type of charter flight just for 4 people, but I don’t think he would do it just to “avoid the peasants.”


I mean. I dont agree with it the money could’ve went to somewhere better. but its thier money its really up to them even though its a huge waste of money.

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How does one deserve to fly private over others 😂 that industry exists for the super rich and if they can afford it you deserve it

For all of you saying it’s a waste of money, if you had this privilege you would probably take up the opportunity to fly on an A320 by yourself


100% required. You always need that extra legroom

Yup I heard this news a few days ago. People are saying that those guys paid IndiGo to do it. Again, it is not my opinion, just heard it somewhere.

Okay first of all, they are not bean shooters. They are PEA shooters.

Actually, that’s exactly what rich people do.

Third, why is everyone putting a fist as their PFP?

Thanks captain obvious. Sergeant Self Explanatory. Colonel clear as day

uval people I know I used that already but it fits here too

Yeah no, it’s really not avoiding as it is not being around them often. And they’re not peasants, they’re just people in lower economical classes.

Dm me

by the way if y’all couldn’t tell, the captain obvious thing is a joke

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Well it has happened a lot actually. King John of The British Empire in the 15th and 16th century would flex his stolen money from peasents to both other royalty and his citizens. It was the entire reason why the Magna Carta was written. Trump flexes his money. As does RiceGum and Jake Paul. Hell, even @Cameron_Stone flexes.

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Like I said, we may never know what his actual motive was, maybe he was trying to give Indigo some sort of whack “donation” or maybe he wanted his family to travel in style. Maybe it’s just me, but if I were rich I would never flex my money by doing something like this. And if he was trying to avoid “lower class people”, then why doesnt he have a whole private jet so they don’t have to go through the main airport around “peasants?”

I find you quite judgmental here. At his place I would have taken a Gulfstream but let’s not judge him because we do not know the circumstances

TBH, I was just memeing. If it was to help Indigo, then good job man. But if he was flexing during these times, I don’t understand rich people.