Man dies after 2 vehicles collide at Heathrow

A worker at Heathrow airport has unfortunately died after 2 airside vehicles collided near Terminal 5 at the airport. 2 others were taken to hospital, one with serious injuries and another with a suspected broken shoulder.

My deepest condolences go to the friends and family of the person who died in the accident and wish the other 2 workers a speedy recovery.


On the documentary at Heathrow they had people checking the speed of workers and reporting them, I remember my sister asking why the he’ll did that matter at an airport. I explained and I guess this is an example of why speed restrictions and safety should be applied to all industries. Heathrow has very good Health and safety though and the roads in amd around the airport are like public roads, speed restricted and with traffic lights so I’m surprised that this could happen.


This is pretty sad. I hope they weren’t racing on the tarmac.


Very sad, I was just leaving T5 at that time to fly to Glasgow but had no delays.

Why would you say that? It is a tragic incident and as other posters above stated there are stringent rules driving around an airport, break them and lose your job, so very unlikely that ‘they were racing’.


Unluckily, the families won’t be able to hear you, but this is an issue.

For somebody to die and two others to be hospitalized, I think that would require relatively high speeds. While I do agree there are strict rules and I don’t know the speed limits, for that kind of effect, in terms of loss of life and injury, sustainable speeds would be required.
I do hope they weren’t racing, but they could have easily been going a tad fast.

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