Man climbs on top of plane to protest against climate change

A man climbed aboard a British Airways plane at London City Airport as part of the ‘Extinction Rebellion’ campaign to protest against the rapid change to our climate. He live-streamed himself climbing onto the fuselage of a BA Embraer plane and shouting out a message.

Other protesters blocked the entrance to the airport - causing only minor delays to the operations - arrests were eventually made.

This reminds me of the HKG Airport protests as part of the Hong Kong protests - what do you think about this…


I agree that we should look after the environment but not to the extreme


wow. some people are really delusional


I disagree, the Hong Kong protests were different. That was a silent protest, not with the intent of disruption, even though that did happen.

I don’t like these ‘Extinction Rebellions’ too. Don’t yell that there’s a problem, help fix it instead. Load of buffoons performing buffoonery on top of planes.

Sorry if this statement sounds harsh, but it is getting out of hand.


The protest part I agree with. Not enough is being done to support our planet to save it from the rapid climate change we’ve caused.

However going on top of a plane is pretty extreme. There’s better ways to do it than getting on top of a plane.

We should take care of our environment, but there’s no use of going on top of a plane. Honestly he’s just making a fool out of himself. Not being mean or anything this is just to the extreme.

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There is little the average citizen can do to “help fix the problem”, as they are largely not the ones causing it. The idea to protest and bring the problem to the attention of those who can fix it is an idea rooted in modern society, though in this case perhaps being extreme, overzealous and dangerous.

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The only place these protestors belong is in handcuffs. You have a right to protest, however vandalising and trespassing is not free speech and therefore not protected. You can protest peacefully, however if you choose to be disruptive, prepare to accept the consequences.


Not enough facepalms would do justice to this 🤦🏽‍♂️


Extinction Rebellion is the parent group of those same idiots who tried to fly drones to shut down Heathrow. They couldn’t do enough putting others in danger so now they are putting their own lives on the line. Imagine if you slipped and fell off. Idiots…


In fairness, you’re right, however @Alex_Kyte sums it up nicely:

Also, if all of us plant a tree, it would make a difference. That’s why I’m trying to organise some big voluntary events for the people in our capital city. A big school agreed to help out.

In fact, people around the globe are trying to do something similar.

Also, I should add that the most effective ways to get something to the government are pettitions. Both the UK and US have official procedures for that, which are being recognized. Otherwise, You’re just yelling at a cashier to open another register.

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I am a bit wondering whether this could have been prevented. It’s so far beyond imagination for me that this really did happen…

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People can protest, they have the right. But these crazy people in London, Putting themselves and others in danger, is just ridiculous and sad. It is almost pathetic they have to go this far to just protest on top of planes When they can actually do something. They should plant trees, make petitions, etc. instead of this. I’m not going to go into my opinion on climate change and all that, but seriously, it has come to this? 🤦🏻‍♂️

If they peacefully protested, which some are, I’d have no problems. But trespassing in such a dangerous area where engines could be running, and to climb on top of an aircraft. All you can think is that its inevitable these people are going to get arrested. If this is just the first of the mass protesting, god only knows what’s next in line…

It was also reported one of the protesters made their way on to an aircraft and protested, which proves quite a security risk and of course delays to that flight.

This is a bit much- there are so many things that are worse for the environment that air travel.

Everyone wants their five seconds of fame

Ah the Paralympic who is a failed athlete linked to a doping scandal. These fools are either completely delusional or preach what they want others to do, not themselves ie celebrities such as Emma Thomson.

Greta is another person who’s views are just absurd.

Go protest in China, India etc. Doing it in a country which will have under 1% net emissions soon is unbelievably pointless, besides. It’s not like we can then get China to follow suit, no nation can even talk about Hong Kong’s unrest without insults and threats to stay out of domestic politics.


This is very true!

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